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Jennifer Aniston isn't the type to check social media as soon as she gets up in the morning. Jennifer Aniston is a better person than we are.

Rather than thumbing through her feed of friends' status updates, she'll opt to go for a run, walk her dog, and meditate, avoiding checking emails as long as she possibly can. "I love my me time, and I like being alone a lot, which I guess makes sense as an Aquarian," she tells InStyle. "My mornings are very special to me, so I try not to have any of that noise for a good chunk of time. It's an experiment and some thing I'm still trying to perfect, but I love doing it." Her attitude is fully in-line with Aveeno's new #MomentForMe campaign, in which Aniston and the brand encourage their followers to show how they spend time doing self-care, hashtagged appropriately, for the chance to win a wellness retreat for two. The opportunity came about almost as organically as the brand's ingredient list, based around the idea of how important it is to unplug every once in a while.

"Everything is sort of coming at us on a daily basis, people are working harder, and with social media and all the things we have to keep up with, there isn't enough time in the day to keep ourselves sane. We completely forget to take time out for ourselves, which can be bad for your health," she says. "Plus, it's not fair for the next guy you're gonna run into if you're in a crappy, crappy mood from being overworked and overstressed."

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Anytime Aniston is feeling overwhelmed, she likes to take it out on the pavement, opting to run, walk her dog, or de-stress in a yoga class. "Basically, anything that makes me realize that there is so much to appreciate. Gratitude is always good when you're feeling stressed, just to go, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa, what am I really complaining about? What is really making me this overwhelmed?'" she adds.

Meditation is big in her household—Aniston actually practices TM, or transcendental meditation. The room is kept pretty quiet, with the occasional candle lit, and those 5 to 10 minutes a day she takes to do it make all the difference. Though she keeps the beauty end of her self-care routine pretty simple during the week, Sundays are her days to go all out, kicking things off with a scrub, followed by a series of masks and serums, then finished with an L.E.D. mask. That moment of zen is so necessary, and likely balances the moods of her on-screen personas, which are often so different from Aniston's own personality. She has played many a high-powered babe with a blunt attitude, usually clad in a pencil skirt, though Dr. Julia Harris in Horrible Bosses sticks out as a favorite in her mind.

"I love those girls! I love to try and play all of those girls, and Dr. Julia was such a crazy weirdo," the star says. "We get to go out into the world and watch them, see all these characters that exist, so it's fun to get to play them, or heighten them a little bit."