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Marianne Mychaskiw
Aug 25, 2017 @ 12:00 pm

Until very recently—and we're talking within the last five or so years—we didn't understand just how important eyebrows were. We took tweezers to ours back in the grunge era, and though they never quite recovered, we sort of just let them do their thing until an appointment with a brow technician changed our lives completely.

The beginning of the brow, we found out, should line up with the bridge of the nose, as opposed to the outer flare of the nostril, and they should maintain a natural shape over one that resembles the punctuation page in our grammar textbook.

It's safe to assume that with her full, perfectly-shaped set, Jenna Coleman never had this problem. Granted, she's always had perfect brows for as long as we can remember, but at the Victoria press screening in London yesterday, her ample arches looked especially groomed against her radiant skin and soft pink lip.

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Even if, like us, tweezers got the best of you back in the '90s and Y2K era, faking a natural set like Coleman's is totally possible. First, pick your fill-in product—pencils are usually considered standard, but if you tend to be heavy-handed, choose a powder with an angled brush for a soft-focus finish. Align your pencil or brush along the bridge of your nose to see where the brow should start, then angle the tool across your eye to see where the arch should rise.

Pick up your product, and lightly trace the shape of your brow, then fill in the empty space using short, quick strokes to mimic the appearance of hairs. Concentrate on the sparse areas, then use a spoolie brush to diffuse the color, particularly at the start of the brow where the color should be somewhat lighter. Clean up around the edges with a flat brush dipped in foundation, if needed, then seal your handiwork by brushing either a clear or tinted brow gel in an upward direction.

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