Instagram's Golden Barbie shares her secrets. 

By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Sep 01, 2016 @ 3:15 pm
Jasmine Sanders - Lead
Credit: golden_barbie/instagram

With over 1.5 million followers to her @Golden_Barbie Instagram name, it seems like Jasmine Sanders has the whole social media thing down, but she’s still all about giving credit where credit is due on YouTube.

"I love watching @Itsmyrayeraye's channel because she gives amazing lifestyle tips and great beauty life hacks that really come in handy. I also love watching Priscilla Ono's channel because she explains the entire makeup process in an easy and comprehensible way,” Jasmine tells us.

While Jasmine might still pick up a thing or two from vlog geniuses (FYI, she just launched her own channel, so expect some awesome stuff!), she’s quite the beauty icon herself. The Insta-famous supermodel has just been named the face of Moroccanoil's curly hair line, and if you've ever seen her gorgeous curls, you know it couldn't have been a more perfect pairing.

RELATED: Has Hailey Baldwin Already Moved on From Her Rachel Green Hair? The minute I learned of her new gig, I knew I had to reach out to Jasmine to get the scoop on her favorite products from the brand, her up-and-coming projects, and selfishly, her eyebrows.

"My favorite Moroccanoil product would have to be the Smoothing Mask," said Jasmine, who added how excited she was to represent a product made for girls with curly hair. "I like it because it helps bring my hair and curls back to life. I'm always changing my hair from curly to straight or straight to curly, and the smoothing mask helps prevent too much damage or breakage."

And a hair chameleon she most definitely is. If you head over to her profile, you can see in a matter of days she wore curls, a textured bob with blunt bangs, cornrows, and a voluminous topknot. Most of those hairstyles, we should add, were worn on vacation with Kim K.W. Yep, the same vacay where Kim made that neon orange wetsuit happen.

RELATED: You'll Never Believe How Taylor Hill Gets Rid of Her Dark Circles But when it comes to how Jasmine takes care of her curly hair, she's got something of a routine. "I wash my hair every other day. I like to comb through my hair with my fingers while conditioning it in the shower," she tells us. "I use the Moroccanoil Smoothing Mask and dry my hair with a cotton t-shirt because towels tend to be too heavy for my hair. Then, I always prep my hair with Moroccanoil Treatment to instantly increase manageability before styling."

Of course, selfishly, I needed to know about how she takes care of her brows. Turns out, they look oh-so amazing thanks to a cult classic brand we've all come to know. "I love using Anastasia Brows products to lightly fill in my brows. I'm also addicted to her clear brow gel," she tells me.

With those tips in her repertoire, I have a feeling Jasmine won't be short for video ideas. Here's hoping for lots of curly hair hacks and maybe a beauty haul segment every now and then.