January Jones's Weird Beauty Tutorials Are the Best Thing on Instagram

I can't stop watching.

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Hey guys, welcome to January Jones’s channel. Like millions of people across the world, the Mad Men star is quarantined at home. But there's no sourdough bread baking or puzzles happening at her house! Instead, Jones is passing the time by using every single beauty product she has in her house. And you know what? Same.

In the past four weeks of social distancing, Jones's Instagram feed has turned into my favorite beauty blog. A Top Shelf photo? DIY bath salts? Hi-tech skincare treatments? It's all there, with a side of the chaotic energy that comes from spending too much time with yourself.

What beauty treatment is January Jones doing today? is the question I ask myself every morning as I check Instagram for the latest update on her quarantine beauty routine while still lying in bed.

Has Jones been getting a lot of questions about her quarantine beauty routine? Yes! Just look at her comments. And she's engaging. She has answered some of her followers' most pressing questions like, "Who makes your tunic? IT'S TO DIE FOR." For anyone wondering, Jones's sparkly rainbow house dress is from La Vie Style House. (I was, truly.)

So far, these are the best beauty tips and tricks I've picked up from Jones's quarantine routine. (And if you like what you see, hit that follow button on her profile.)

LED Face Masks Work Better if You Dance and Drink Beer

An LED face mask is the perfect at-home facial treatment if you want to get rid of your acne and channel Tron. While the light therapy works to improve skin on its own, dancing and sipping beer through an environmentally-friendly paper straw will apparently make the experience exponentially better.

According to the comments on her post, Jones uses the Déesse Pro, a $1,900 mask she bought from celebrity facialist Shani Darden. The Rolls Royce of LED light therapy masks, it has three light settings to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles. Jones's beer of choice is Coors Light, which you can order from any supermarket (if you can get a delivery time slot right now). The soundtrack: "All Time Low" by John Bellion. I will always stan a high-low beauty moment.

My New Go-To At-Home Workout

"I’m very serious about staying sane and fit so here I’m am working out," Jones captioned this video of her expertly hula hooping to The Weeknd. I am also very serious about these two things, but I am very bad at the hula hoop. Still, could be a good time. Maybe even a great time with a Coors Light.

The Best Way to Remove a Peel Off Mask

It's a fact: A peel off mask won't come off unless you repeatedly say "ahhh" and "oh my god" as you're removing it. Jones's mask is Lapco's Pearl Glow Peel Off Mask, a skin-protecting, brightening, and reviving treatment that contains actual freshwater pearls. Betty Draper, eat your heart out!

The Perfect Human Stew Recipe

Just kidding. This is Jones's go-to recipe for a relaxing detox bath. After slapping on your favorite clay mask, dump some lavender bubble bath, thieves oil, an entire small box of baking soda, a dash of apple cider vinegar, and two cups of sea salt or Epsom salt into your tub. Then, sit in the "stew" for at least 20 minutes, or "as long as you can handle it." The water should also be as warm as possible. "You going to sweat while you're in it, and for a good 20-30 minutes after you get out," says Jones. Read a book or listen to a podcast while you take some time to yourself. Disclaimer: Myself nor Jones are responsible for what the human stew does to you.

How to Organize the Medicine Cabinet of My Dreams

Jones didn't drop the skincare routine, but she has shared what skincare products she keeps in her very large medicine cabinet that she meticulously reorganized while social distancing. IS Clinical! Drunk Elephant! Tata Harper! May Lindstrom! Sisley Paris! Dermalogica! Kiehl's! Jones has taste.

"I am reorganizing again.. some days I’m super down and others I’m very productive," Jones wrote. Based on my expert opinion, it seems like she's organized her products by category type.

It's OK to Have Beauty Regrets

Inspired by Reese Witherspoon's throwback post, Jones has shared also a photo of herself from the late '90s. Her one beauty regret from the decade? Over-tweezing her eyebrows. "So grateful my brows grew back" she wrote. I can relate.

When You Mess Up Filming a Beauty Video, Just Keep Going

When you don't have a fancy ring light setup, you've got to work with what you have. Case in point: Jones propped her phone up on her bathroom counter to film a video and it fell over while she was talking about the sheet mask she was wearing. (Lapco's Good Morning Quick Mask.) Instead of starting over, she just kept going. "I'm just doing my best," she says later in the video. And you know what? That's what we're all doing right now.

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