Jane Fonda Uses This Hollywood Secret for Younger-Looking Skin

Shoppers say they “age backwards” and have "literally no wrinkles" as a result.

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74-Year-Old Shoppers Don't Have Wrinkles Thanks to Jane Fonda's Favorite $16 Moisturizer
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As someone who's been in the spotlight so long that the '80s aerobics craze is now being made into a feature film, Jane Fonda is a testament to grace and beauty only increasing with age. But since living well can do a number on your skin, it only makes sense that the actress and activist has a few beauty tricks up her sleeve — like her $15 secret to super-shiny gray hair, for example, or a moisturizer recommendation from fellow icon Catherine Deneuve.

In a recent interview, Fonda told Glamour that Deneuve passed on some vital skincare wisdom decades ago that she's stuck with ever since. "Catherine Deneuve told me a long time ago, like in the '60s, that she switched up her skin creams and didn't always use the same one," Fonda said. "And I've heard in the subsequent decades from people who seem to be in the know that this tends to be good for you. So I do that — all to avoid dry skin."

Anyone who's watched the Grace and Frankie lube plotline can tell you that dryness certainly is the enemy, especially as you get older. So Fonda's moisturizer recommendations come highly approved; according to the star, her "current favorites in rotation" are Uncle Bud's Face Lotion, L'Oréal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Rosy Tone Moisturizer, and Mila Moursi skin lotion.

L'Oréal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Rosy Tone Moisturizer

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If you're not familiar with Uncle Bud's, Fonda joined up with the CBD and hemp brand last year — CBD brand celebrity partnerships are on the rise, going by Nicole Kidman's likewise pairing with Sera Labs' Seratopical CBD line. As for the latter, Mila Moursi is a legendary Hollywood skin specialist, so her skin cream is just under $200 on Amazon (and yet close to selling out, so you know it's good).

Which leaves the most accessible of the bunch, L'Oréal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Rosy Tone Moisturizer. A skincare favorite longtime-loved by people over 50, the anti-aging moisturizer's earned thousands of five-star ratings on Amazon for its ability to brighten skin, decrease wrinkles, and garner compliments like a magic lasso (the scent, a fresh, subtle "mix of peach, roses, and the ocean breeze," only adds to the experience).

According to the brand, the rose-tinted moisturizer steps in as skin's ability to renew surface cells slows down with age, which causes dead skin cells to build up. "As a result, the natural pink tone is hidden and becomes dull, losing its natural rosy tone of youth," so the moisturizer exfoliates and revives sallow skin. As countless reviewers mention, that gentle pink tone is phenomenal for countering washed-out skin and brighten without blush or foundation, creating a dewy wash of healthy color that 79-year-olds couldn't be happier with.

One shopper dubs it the "perfect 60-something moisturizer," since it softens fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing to the high heavens. "I've been using this L'Oréal face moisturizer for over two years now with the Subscribe and Save program, and it's wonderful," another person writes. "I'll be 70 in May, and my face is literally wrinkle-free. It has improved the texture of my skin to the point where I rarely wear any make-up other than lipstick."

At 74, one more reviewer adds that they found the moisturizer thanks to Helen Mirren's endorsement. After several years of use, their skin has zero wrinkles, and even those on the cusp of 80 say the moisturizer is incredibly effective. "I am 79 years old and have better skin than most people in their 60s," a shopper writes in a review titled "What wrinkles?"

Another shopper in their 80s says that after spending a fortune trying to find a good cream for their "dry, wrinkled face," they're now on their third jar of the Rosy Tone — and getting so many compliments, they wish it'd been around 20 years ago.

The cream's powers aren't limited to those with fair skin, either. "When I first started seeing Helen's ads for this, I thought it wouldn't do much good for me, a Black woman," one shopper writes. Yet like clockwork, their skin turned super soft and gained a "nice, healthy glow." Happy with their "noticeably younger" skin, they bought a jar for their best friend, who fell just as much in love.

A last person seconds the thought: "I am 65 and not one to use foundation or much make-up, so this product is just the ticket for me. Never greasy or heavy on the skin. I get compliments that my face has a nice glow, and that in itself makes me feel younger." Even those who initially thought it sounded too good to be true write that after trying the formula, they were told they were "aging backwards."

The only downside? According to one joker, "I am now constantly hounded by the paparazzi who think I am Helen Mirren. LOL!" We'll take it. Get yours for $30 on Amazon.

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