Jackie Aina Swears Rihanna Wears This $250 Perfume

The influencer also shares her own go-to fragrances for every occasion.

Jackie Aina's Perfume Playlist
Photo: InStyle

If there's anyone who knows a little something, something about fragrance, it's none other than the Jackie Aina.

Aside from her scented candle line Forvr Mood, the YouTube star and beauty influencer has a bevy of perfumes in her arsenal, and she's certainly not shy about making it known.

"To know me is to know ya girl loves perfume," she shares with InStyle. "I mean, there's a perfume for every occasion, every day, every moment — and my collection is pretty extensive."

When it comes to fragrance notes, Aina isn't exactly what you'd call picky. Her favorite scents include whisks of musk, florals, and even hints of cotton candy and marshmallow.

On top of sharing her go-to scents, the founder also reveals what she swears Rihanna smells like (aside from Fenty Eau de Parfum, of course), just in case you were wondering. And in true Jackie fashion, the story behind discovering one of the superstar's go-to scents is nothing short of hilarious.

"Fenty had a whole event, and we partied with her," says Aina. "It was exclusive, it was cute. And I was like, 'Girl, what do you smell like? I've never smelled anything like that.' Then I smelled that exact same fragrance a whole year later and I knew it was this."

Find out all of Aina's favorite fragrances, including the one she swears Rihanna loves to spritz on, in the video below.

VIDEO: Jackie Aina Reveals Rihanna's "Signature" Scent & Her Personal Perfume Faves

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