They’re under $30, too.

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Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops
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President Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, “We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can always build our youth for the future.” The youth on TikTok are undoubtedly built for the future, and you cannot prove that this isn’t what FDR was referring to.

They’ve flipped the switch on skincare, popularizing a $7 anti-aging solution and discovering a color-changing lipstick that transforms into a unique pink color based on your skin’s pH levels. And these social media users’ latest obsession might be the biggest game-changer yet: It’s a bottle of self-tanning drops that can combine with any moisturizer to add a glowing, bronzed finish without all of the hassle of normal self-tanning products.

With these Isle of Paradise drops — that have more than 56,500 hearts at Sephora — you don’t need to buy an additional applicator mitt to keep your skin from turning orange, and you don’t have to worry about streaky, uneven lines that so often come with self-tanning sprays. You simply add up to 12 drops of the product to your moisturizer, mix it together, and apply it to your skin as normal. The drops come in three tanning levels: Light is in the brand’s peach bottle, medium is in the green bottle, and dark is in the violet bottle. Like the savvy shoppers they are, TikTokers seem to be opting for the medium-level tan (in life, taking the middle option always seems to be the safest bet).

TikTok user @iwinnieeexi demonstrated the easy application process first, then posted a follow-up showing an even and noticeable end result, as well as a check-in three days later that showed off her bronzed skin continuing to glow. Other users posted their honest reviews, too.

“It smells really good,” @francassano1 said in her post. “I highly recommend, 10/10, my face looks super natural and normal. I’m here for it.” User @skymandell said of the product, “And that’s how you get a natural glow.” As the posts about Isle of Paradise tanning drops are continuing to gain traction, more and more TikTok accounts, like @kseniasenn are getting in on the trend. “So yesterday I used those tanning drops that are all over TikTok,” she wrote. “I love them!!!!”

These real-time and honest TikTok reviews show first-hand how well the drops work on any skin tone. And in addition to tanning, this beauty find can also nourish and hydrate your skin because of the soothing ingredients included in its formula like coconut, avocado and chia seed oils. I don’t know about you, but having glowing and vibrant skin makes me feel great in any situation — so much so that I might even make a TikTok about it. Shop the under-$30 drops below.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops
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