The Brand Behind TikTok's Viral Tanning Drop Has a Quick-Drying Body Butter I Swear By

I’ve Been Self-Tanning for Years, and This New Body Butter Replaced All My Other Products

It’s from the same brand behind the viral TikTok tanning drops.
By Summer Cartwright
Mar 08, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

There's nothing quite like looking back on my homecoming and prom photos and seeing the younger and oranger version of myself. If I were to go back and give that girl in the rhinestone Rue21 dress a few words of advice they'd be: Dump the boyfriend, apply for more college scholarships, and ditch the cheap self-tanner immediately

It took more time than I'd like to admit, but I eventually did all of the above — thanks, especially, to the viral tanning drops that I discovered on TikTok. You might remember hearing about Isle of Paradise this past summer, when a swarm of rave reviews took over the online world. The brand and its under-$30 tanner have since become so popular that a herd of fans initiated the launch of its newest product that I can't get enough of. 

The $25 body butter is an all-over tanner that started out as a limited-edition offering during the holidays and immediately led to an overwhelming response from shoppers.

"Our social channels went crazy with requests to add it to our core collection," founder and celebrity spray tan artist Jules Von Hep said in an email. "I also received hundreds of DMs on my personal channel from consumers asking where and when they could get the product again."

Thousands of DMs and emails later (none of which were from me, but after testing out this lush lotion, I understand the reaction) and the body butter is officially available at Sephora for good.  

It's a lightweight alternative to thicker creams I've grown accustomed to, and it requires hardly any dry time after application. Typically after I apply self-tanner, I sit around in a towel for what seems like decades before I can get dressed or climb into bed. With this butter, I apply it like any typical lotion after the shower, get dressed, and venture off to whatever I've got planned… a night on the couch with Netflix.

Like the drops, this self-tanner doesn't streak. Even when I'm in a rush and haphazardly applying the product, it dries as if it were done by a professional. It smells like a bubble bath combined with a beach vacation. The formula's peppermint, avocado, and coconut oil have such a fresh and subtle aroma that sticks around for the day. And, since the butter can act as a moisturizer, I use it as a two-in-one perfume and lotion. This one hero product basically replaced everything in my body-care routine. This kind of no-nonsense approach was part of the development. 

"We wanted to create something that felt luxuriously easy to use while also giving flawless, natural-looking results at the same time," Von Hep explained. "It glides over skin with a silk-like finish and absorbs within seconds."

Another plus: There's color-corrector in the formula. So, for people like me who constantly look as if they're recovering from a marathon, it diminishes redness. It's a game changer for pre-date rituals and serves as a one-step Zoom meeting beauty routine. The bronzing helps me feel so much more confident and energized. My skin is glowing IRL and on screen, and though I haven't used a disposable camera in a decade, I have a feeling that if I were to recreate some of my classic high school dance poses today, the photos would come out much better. 

Shop the new self-tanning body butter — which has already racked up more than 3,500 hearts since its March 5 release — below. 

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