Her latest unfiltered video is really raw.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated May 20, 2016 @ 8:00 am
Iskra Lawrence Admits She Was Body Shamed By Her Family
Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Recently, we’ve watched model Iskra Lawrence get a lot of well-deserved attention for being a body positive role model for girls and women, but she didn’t always have this level of confidence or loud of a voice in terms of standing up to body shamers and Internet haters.

In fact, in her latest Ask Iskra video, she admits that as a young girl she received a lot of negative messages from her own family about her body. One example is a relative telling her that she shouldn’t wear mid-calf booties because her legs are “too big.” It doesn’t take a psychologist to understand that those kinds of comments are hurtful and downright insulting. But Lawrence wants anyone dealing with body image issues to know that if they’re put in the same position, they can and should stand up for themselves.

“If someone makes a comment like that, tell them 'I appreciate your opinion, but that really hurt me and if you wouldn't mind not saying that again because that's not something you need to say,’” she says.

Lawrence also notes that she received a bunch of negative comments from family about the state of her skin as a teenager, which like most of us during those years had its share of blemishes. Her advice really applies to any unwelcomed remark that brings you down about your looks. No one should have that kind of power over you, and while we might know that deep down inside, it’s nice to hear it from someone like Lawrence.