This App Is Basically Instagram For the Beauty-Obsessed

Photo: Time Inc Digital Studio (3); Courtesy

Fact: a majority of our purchases come from something we've seen on Instagram, be it a handbag, signet ring, or lipstick. Actually, especially lipstick. We love seeing how the colors and textures look on an actual human, which makes it easier to gauge whether or not it would work on our own skin tone, not to mention, the different ways each user choose to complement the product.

If you find yourself doing this as well, MiaMia Beauty is definitely right up your alley. MiaMia uses a similar interface to the other photo-sharing one you frequent, but gives you the ability to shop other users' looks within the actual app. Better yet, when you've created a contour and cut-crease situation you want to blast out to the world, simply upload your selfie to the app, then add all of the palettes and shadows used once you've formulated a witty caption. You can also save looks to refer back to later, or even individual products for an ongoing wish list.

It's pretty much the virtual equivalent of rifling through your friends' makeup bags, except those friends are beauty bloggers who stay making Instagram's popular page. Even better, the app lets you know when products go on sale.

We've actually just started an account of our own, and we'll be updating it on the regular with the celebrity looks we're currently obsessing over, and the trendiest products to pass our desks over here at InStyle HQ. Download MiaMia Beauty now for free at the iTunes App Store, and once you're all set give us a follow over at @InStyle. Happy shopping!

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