So clearly, it's a must-follow. 

By Dobrina Zhekova
Updated Aug 23, 2016 @ 3:00 pm
Makeup Different Skintones Instagram
Credit: willitlookgoodonmetho/Instagram

We've all been there. You see someone wearing the prettiest lipstick shade ever, but you can't stop wondering if it will look just as good on you. And it's a valid question considering lipstick isn't always cheap. Can I pull off that bright neon purple lip? Is that vampy red really a good idea? Well, this is exactly what BFFs Piaget Ventus and Michelle Meredith are trying to help us all with. Enter @willitlookgoodonmetho.

The women created the Instagram account only six weeks ago, but it already has more than 8,500 followers. Bravo, ladies.

Their mission is quite simple but extremely meaningful and useful, considering how many times we've found ourselves in this sitch. According to their brand page, they show case lipstick on different skin tones to help you decide if it works for you.

Every day, Michelle and Piaget post snaps of them wearing the same lipstick shade from popular (and affordable) brands like Revlon, NARS, and Maybelline to show users what the shade will look like on fair and dark skin tones. While the account isn't representative of all skin tones, it's still an awesome mission and totally overdo.

It's no wonder that the Instagram account is getting more and more popular by the hour.

The good news is that when you scroll through Instagram, it seems like more brands are starting to realize that their customers don't all have one skin tone and no lip shade looks or translates the same on different complexions.

We really hope more brands follow Michelle and Piaget's example of showcasing their products in this way!