Beautyblender lead
Credit: Art by Elysia Berman

You know how sometimes things are really gross, but also really satisfying? Like watching little beads of sebum pop up while wearing a clay mask, or examining a pore strip after ripping it off your nose, or checking out the ear wax on a freshly used cotton swab. Turns out, cutting makeup sponges in half to reveal what's been collecting inside falls into the same category.

Recently, reddit user doulikecookies cut her Real Techniques makeup sponge in half and posted the pictures to the r/makeupaddiction subreddit.

Orange Beautyblender cut in half
Credit: Courtesy of Reddit user doulikecookies

And while you might have assumed the halving was a one-off, that's definitely not the case. Other reddit users have done the same, and bloggers do it on the regular, too.

Two Beautyblenders Cut in Half
Credit: Courtesy of Reddit user beauty_blend

For example, user beauty_blend was concerned she was doing something wrong when it came to cleaning her sponges, so she cut them in half and asked for some advice. The community was able to determine that she was washing with the wrong kind of soap (face wash and shampoo, versus something like Dr. Bronner's).

LadyofAcheron halved her Beauty Blender after a tiny hole formed and curiosity got the best of her. "I've always been curious how clean the inside of the sponge could actually get. For some reason I always thought it would be dirty in the middle, or even worse moldy! I decided now was the time to satisfy my curiosity and took a pair of scissors to the lil guy," she wrote. "The results surprised me! Besides the two spots I couldn't seem to get clean, it was spotless! So, now you know!"

Pink Beautyblender in Half
Credit: Courtesy of Amber's Trendy Thoughts

This blogger, named Amber, cut her Beauty Blender in half after it "pooped" (her words, but accurate if you read the post). The insides revealed a little pocket that had been collecting makeup.

Those examples might make you want to say, "ew," or inspire you to cut your old sponges in half and re-use the fresh-looking insides. However, if you want to be truly horrified, recall the bug-infested beauty blender that YouTube user Stevie Miller cut into. We don't want to know what was living inside, but it definitely makes us want to examine any future makeup sponges with some surgeon-like scrutiny. To be fair, that seemed to be a one-off, and most people—like those above—reveal clean insides when they cut into their own sponges.