TikTok Loves Dior's Lip Oil, But I Swear by This $15 One Instead

It’s my go-to for moisture and sheen without the stickiness of a gloss.

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I Found A Dupe For The TikTok Viral Dior Lip Oil
Photo: Courtesy/InStyle

TikTok keeps me young (please read that in an Amy-Poehler-in-Mean-Girls voice). But really, I'm glad the social media platform taught me that Gen Z was roasting our side parts. The most recent lesson I've gleaned from endless video scrolls is that Dior's $35 Lip Glow Oil has a rabid fanbase that I was previously unaware of.

That moment of my Dior Lip Glow discovery was like glass shattering: I started seeing it everywhere! I saw it while scrolling through TikTok or Instagram and being pulled out of the chic baguette purses of friends and strangers alike. I am not a stranger to purchasing what some would consider… unexplainably expensive makeup products (just for reference, I swear by a $55 bubble bath), but I also love a steal or dupe.

The Internet frequently turns me onto these types of dupes (like a $15 toner to replace my $100 one). But the one I'm about to share with you I discovered myself — my beauty hoarding occasionally gives way to discovery: iNNBeauty Project's $15 Glaze Lip Oil is a nearly perfect substitute for Dior's oil.


Shop now: $15; credobeauty.com

Like the Dior product, iNNBeauty Project's Glaze is a gloss-oil hybrid. Swiped on the lips, they are both luscious and evoke the energy of a perfectly ripe, round cherry. The Venn diagram between the two products is basically a circle — they're both light-catching, shiny, glossy, non-sticky, with a soft wash of color and a plumping effect. I actually think the $15 Glaze pulls ahead when it comes to moisturizing properties and scent. The Lip Glaze smells like candy and the Lip Smackers of my childhood.

There are currently four shades of the Lip Glaze — a jelly red, jelly pink, frosted pink, and bubblegum pink. The exact ingredients vary from shade to shade but the base formula uses a plant-derived complex that imparts the luscious lip-plumping effect.

If you're looking for the same moisturizing, glossy effect at a fraction of the price, shop the $15 Lip Glaze at Credo, iNNBeauty Project, and Sephora.

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