5 Indie Beauty Brands You Need to Know Before 2016

24kt Liquid Gold Face Oil with Vibransea Complex
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Every morning, you reach for your go-to cleanser, wash your hair with your trusted shampoo, and hydrate your skin with an oil that you've re-stocked multiple times. But hey, new year, new you, right? In 2015, we saw a boom of indie beauty products with major appeal from captivating packaging, to potent ingredients that you may want to ring in the New Year with. Your hair, skin, and nails will thank you in 2016!

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This year, coconut oil had a major influence on your beauty regimen. Brands infused their richest hair and skin care products with the natural ingredient, and before you knew it, you were slathering the stuff on from head to toe. Cocovít recognizes the beauty benefits of coconut oil and bottles a 100% raw, organic formula sourced from South India. Try the original Cocovít Coconut Oil, or any one of their products, which all contain the signature ingredient.

$38; cocovit.com.

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Frank Body


If you haven't come across Frank Body's uber popular Instagram account, let us introduce you to a new way to get your daily coffee fix. The Australia-based company has become a leader in ground coffee scrubs, selling one of its body scrubs made of roasted ground Robusta coffee and a blend of natural oils, every 40 seconds! Now, the brand is expanding the line to coffee-based balms, cleansers, creams, and more. Try their Creamy Face Scrub.

$20; frankbody.com.

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Human + Kind

human + kind apple-herbs-shampoo-body-wash-sensitive

Human + Kind speaks to on-the-go girls who choose to not compromise time for quality. Offering natural-based, multi-purpose products like the Sensitive Shampoo + Body Wash in Apple & Herbs, Human + Kind formulas are gentle enough for any skin and hair type.

$10; sephora.com.

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Lauren B.

Lauren B.

Recognize the last name initial? Founder of the eponymous polish brand, Lauren B.'s knack for beauty doesn't fall far from the tree. With hair guru Philip B. for an uncle, it was only natural for Lauren to turn her love for nail polish into a brand. The L.A.-based entrepreneur has created a range of vegan-friendly lacquers inspired by the Southern California region. We like Ivy at the Shore.

$18; laurenbbeauty.com.

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24kt Liquid Gold Face Oil with Vibransea Complex

During a trip to a salmon hatchery in Norway, skin care veteran Patti Pao made a revolutionary discovery when she found that during the hatching process, salmon eggs release a natural enzyme with powerful anti-aging properties. The enzyme, now called Aquabeautine XL, is present throughout RestorSea's range of skin care products and works in tandem with other rich ingredients to smooth, brighten, and rejuvenate skin. This one's infused with 24-karat gold flakes! 24kt Liquid Gold Face Oil with Vibransea Complex.

$150; restorsea.com.

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