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Sunday Riley Luna Oil - LEAD
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Apparently, my complexion still thinks I'm 15 years old. Some would say that this is a blessing and I'll age at a slower rate, but that under-the-skin bump I can't stop obsessing over begs to differ. The Renee Rouleau Anti-Cyst Treatment ($46; reneerouleau.com) is by far my favorite spot treatment, but I've been searching for what feels like eons for an all-over serum. I've always been partial to retinol-based products—Retin-A-Micro acted as my gateway over-the-counter drug back in the early '00s, and I love how the ingredient can simultaneously kill my breakouts while acting as a preventative step toward anti-aging. The only drawback was in its potency. Many retinol-based formulas would leave my skin pretty dry, so I'd restrict use to once or twice a week, until I found Sunday Riley's Luna, that is.

Sunday Riley Luna Oil - Embed
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Aside from sharing the same name as the cat in Sailor Moon and Chrissy Teigen's adorable daughter, I'm very into the fact that the oil based counteracts irritation, along with a side of soothing blue tansy and chamomile. I started out using the oil every other night so that my skin could slowly get used to the retinol, but now that it has built up somewhat of a tolerance, I basically coat my face in the stuff whenever I feel like there's a problem. I've noticed that my pores aren't as prominent, and the beginnings of any breakouts are totally gone by the time I wake up.

Find Luna at sephora.com starting at $55 for a 15 mL, or in my bathroom's medicine cabinet—no joke, I have three backups crammed in there. I hoard it like a doomsday prepper would with water and dry cereal in preparation for the apocalypse.