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I always joked with my brother that he would be a really pretty girl, based solely around the fact that his eyelashes were and continue to be ridiculous. They were super-thick by comparison to mine, and would probably hit just short of his brow if he ever curled them. Of course, he hated when I'd say that, but I'd always retort with something stupid like, "That's male privilege! Those long eyelashes you don't even need!" Every time one of my lashes would fall out, I'd I've tried various lash serums in an attempt to reach similar lengths, and to be fair, they all work pretty well if you just have to remember to apply them every night, but the Revitalash Advanced ($98; revitalash.com) formula was the one that made the biggest difference on my own set. I've been using it for years, and it's a permanent part of my nightly skincare ritual.

RevitaLash EMBED
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Every evening after taking off my makeup and applying the appropriate moisturizers and serums, I'd sweep the thin brush holding the peptide-rich formula along my upper lash line. I didn't expect to notice anything major within the first few days—or weeks, even, if I were to be realistic—but when I had to get a new eyelash curler just so all of the now uber-long hairs would fit, it became evident that my brother would no longer be the only member of our family with insanely good lashes. Even my mom noticed that my lashes had grown a lot, though she sort of told me to cool it on the serum because she thought they were starting to look like spiders. See the below Instagram from years ago for proof, back when I thought it was cool to post up stuff like this. I'm convinced that hell is a room wallpapered with your failed selfies, earliest posts to social media, and Livejournal entries from the 8th grade.

Though Instagram's settings have the photo dated at 149 weeks ago, it was roughly 3 weeks into my daily Revitalash regime. Since I've been at my desired length for a hot minute, I apply the product every other day just to keep the new growth in check. I still get asked occasionally if they're extensions, in which case I stay singing the serum's praises to the tune of whichever embarrassing song happened to be on my daily playlist. Where my genetics fail me, Revitalash is picking up the slack.

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