By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Aug 30, 2017 @ 3:00 pm
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Credit: Ben Ritter

I've basically been doing a cat-eye as long as I've been allowed to wear makeup.

I remember being pretty young, either immediately in the post-Spice Girls era or right before Ginger Spice decided to quit, just begging my mother to buy me a black liquid liner from The Body Shop in our local mall. Eventually I had annoyed her to the point that she gave in, and I wore that stuff everywhere. I remember thinking I was the coolest girl in my school, with my cat-eye probably drawn on too thick and MAC Clear Lipglass, and even today, the main focus of my makeup remains on my eye area. I always loved how winged liner made my eyes looked bigger, and I wear it to the point that I feel weird without it.

Not to brag, but my wings are pretty sharp after years of practice with a felt-tipped liner. When pen-shaped liquid liners entered the market, that made my life a lot easier—with the stylos, you basically have the control of a pencil, but end up with an intense ink finish. I hoarded the pens by the dozen and wasn't really committed to any certain brand or formula, until Cle de Peau's Intensifying Liquid Liner crossed my desk.

Within the pen are two different applicators: a long brush, and a smaller, pointed felt-tip. I tend to switch back and forth between each so that I can really taper my eyeliner to a point sharp enough to stab a man. I'll start with the larger brush by first extending an upward line from my lower lashes, which creates the outer edge of the cat-eye, and from there, I'll pull the applicator in reverse down toward my upper lash line to create an empty triangular shape. With the smaller end, I detail the shape and bring the wing to a precise point, then I'll go back and fill in the open space with the larger brush. Sounds involved, but the process is actually much quicker than using any of the other pens I used to store in my makeup bag.

Aside from the handy design, the formula of the liner itself is one of the darkest and most budge-proof ones I've seen. When I had played around with it before taking it home, I drew a few strikes on my hand, then sort of forgot about them until I got home. Even after I had showered, they were still visible, which required a swipe of eye makeup remover, but it's also nice knowing I don't have to worry about any smearing or flaking when I'm wearing the stuff on my eyes.

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Find the Cle de Peau Intensifying Liquid Liner over at for $55. It's a slightly steeper price than your drugstore stylos, sure, but you're basically getting two eyeliners packaged into one sleek pen.