Shoppers Swear This Serum Clears Acne, Shrinks Pores, and Softens Skin

The $25 product apparently leaves no skin situation unsolved.

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Shoppers Swear This Serum Cleared Up Acne, Helped With Rosacea, and Softened Skin
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The beauty industry hasn't yet created a face serum that delivers instant blemish reduction, but according to Amazon shoppers, one product comes pretty close. If you're one of the many adults dealing with adult acne, this multipurpose skin serum could help.

A majority of Amazon shoppers are leaving behind positive reviews for the I Dew Care Juicy Kitten Face Serum. Of the 889 ratings given to the serum, 70 percent have five stars. Included in those reviews are multiple accounts of a product that's worked on adult acne, breakouts, and acne scarring.

I Dew Care Juicy Kitten Purifying Power-Green Face Serum

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The reason for this product's success is largely due to its chosen ingredients. The K-beauty brand offers multiple products targeted at specific skin concerns, and the Juicy Kitten Face Serum was created to help with blemish-prone skin. Intended for daily use, the serum is formulated with multiple acne-fighting ingredients, including niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3 that's dermatologist-approved to help with acne, skin redness, and aging. Inside the serum is also heartleaf extract to calm irritation, moringna seed extract for additional skin clearing efforts, and a blend of nourishing greens.

When it comes to results from using the product, multiple Amazon reviewers shared success stories. "This little thing CLEARED UP MY ACNE. I have acne in my chin (hormonal acne) and this stuff makes my pimples go away in like a day I swear," one person wrote. Another person wrote of testing out countless products before trying Juicy Kitten. "IN A NIGHT my skin felt better. One week after using this my scars are gone and my skin is so smooth. Buy this now!!"

If the double exclamation points aren't enough to convince you of the product's potential benefits, other shoppers have chimed in with stories of reduced facial redness and softer skin.

"Seconds after I used this, the redness in my face reduced SIGNIFICANTLY. It looked like I'd put my foundation and concealer on, only better," a customer shared. Another person shared their experience in using the product on reddened skin, writing, "After about four weeks of daily use (morning), my skin is brighter, clearer, and visibly less red from my rosacea. My rosacea is still there, mind you, it's just less red and angry."

Let your skin soak up the goodness of the Juicy Kitty serum and head on over to Amazon to pick up a bottle for yourself.

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