The formulas were specifically created for people of color. 

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Good to Go: Avya Travel Kit
Credit: Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Good to Go is our new column where we share the beauty products we can't travel without. This month, why Avya Skincare's Travel Set is great for treating hyperpigmentation — and saving space in your carry-on bag.

Having smooth, even skin is high on my list of priorities. So any time I get post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation — which usually comes as a result of my love for pimple popping — it haunts me until I see the mark starting to go away.

But knowing damn well that I likely won't stop squeezing my zits any time soon, I use an AHA at night, along with a vitamin C cream and SPF in the morning, to combat the longevity of any dark spots that may arise. For years, this routine has worked wonders for me while I'm at home, but it's not always feasible to carry around full size products when I travel — which is exactly why I consider AVYA Skincare's Travel Set to be a godsend.

The three-piece set includes the Anti-Aging Power Serum with Vitamin C, Eye Bright Cream, as well as the Day Moisturizer with SPF 20, which all come in TSA-friendly sizes — meaning I won't have to neglect my skin any time I'm out of town.

"Traveling takes a toll on our skin: Airplane cabins are dry, and our skin can experience more environmental stress at our destination," Dr. Tanuj Nakra, co-founder of AVYA tells me. "Maintaining our skincare routine while traveling helps to maintain a smooth dewy glow both during and after traveling." Plus, the products come in a cute, tiny pink case, making the set super easy to just throw into my carry-on tote.

What makes this line particularly helpful for treating hyperpigmentation is the fact that the serum, eye cream, and moisturizer are all packed with three powerful, yet gentle, antioxidants that nourish the skin and promote even skin tone: Peony, neem, and turmeric. But each formula also comes with its own unique benefits that treat other common skincare issues as well.

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Along with AVYA's signature ingredients, the serum contains vitamin C, which is key when it comes to brightening the skin. The eye cream not only boasts caffeine to instantly reduce puffiness as well as dark circles over time, but also cassava, which helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and leave skin luminous. Finally, the moisturizer is packed with niacinamide, which is essentially an all-in-one ingredient for combating aging, inflammation, and discoloration, along with snow mushroom extract for hydration, and zinc oxide for broad-spectrum UV protection.

However, I do have one caveat with the line: After testing out the products not only on my skin, but on a range of different skin tones, I've found that the zinc oxide in the moisturizer does tend to leave a bit of a white cast on darker skin. Dr. Nakra suggests applying the products about 20 minutes before heading out to give the formula some time to settle. Then, just don't forget to toss them into your bag.