Hunter Schafer on "Barely There" Skincare and Why 'Euphoria' Feels "More Raw" This Season

As the face of Shiseido, she's finding a light-touch beauty routine that works for her, and embracing the "woke up like this" requirements of her character.

Hunter Schafer
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As the second season of the hit HBO show churns along, the looks at Euphoria high are as epic as ever. And appearing as Jules Vaughn — a friend, lover, and optimist in a sea of tragic teens — Hunter Schafer shines, even when her scene involves stepping straight out of the shower into (no spoilers!) another character's worn-out T-shirt. Here, the actress talks beauty onscreen and off, and the very real friendships she's made along the way.

Over the past few years, how has your relationship with beauty evolved?

As far as my philosophy goes, I strongly encourage people to use makeup in a way that feels good on the inside. Not just trying to look "pretty" or appeal to some standard, but to treat makeup as a tool to bring what's inside outward. Once you get into this practice, it's a really rewarding feeling that's accessible to anyone.

Do you stick to a daily regimen?

I've recently learned the value of protecting my skin with sunscreen. Previous sunscreens I've tried felt oily and like something was on my face all day. Shiseido's Urban Environment Sunscreen has become a new favorite because it's a barely-there base. I don't even notice that I am wearing it, which is perfect. I'm a massive fan of the Essential Energy Moisturizer too; I use it every morning and night.

Hunter Schafer
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You're an incredible visual artist. Would you say that's an important creative outlet for you?

We just wrapped [Euphoria] a couple weeks ago, and now my brain is starting to move out of actor mode and think about painting again. I'm looking at new studios because I want to get back into it while I am between projects. For me, it's about making sure that I'm in sync with how I feel inside and out. I am doing what I can to be seen in the correct light or to try to articulate whatever it is that I want to put out into the world.

Do you feel seen by the industry?

It's been a process of letting that desire go and just making sure I feel good. Maybe that's also been a residual effect of fame and that becoming an influence in my life with how I navigate the world. In a way, I think it has also forced me to return to my basic aspiration, which is just to make sure that I'm cool with what I am putting out there. If that feels right, that's all I need to know. I've put less emphasis on who I'm worried about being seen by. It's great if my fans or followers like what I'm doing, but it's not a need of mine anymore.

Hunter Schafer

I've put less emphasis on who I'm worried about been seen by.

— Hunter Schafer

Euphoria ushered in a new wave of beauty. What stands out to you from Season 2?

I think we have evolved aesthetically. It might feel more raw. Season 1 was the first part of junior year and Season 2 is the second part. You're growing at hyperspeed at that age, and the show is growing at that same pace. In Season 1, when Doniella [Davy, Euphoria's lead makeup artist] and I were establishing Jules's [Schafer's character] looks, we would always take into account the emotional reality of the scene. How is Jules feeling, and how will that influence her decision-making when getting ready for the day? It was a surprise every time, but our goal was to keep it honest and true to her character.

You and Euphoria co-star Zendaya have formed such a close friendship. Do you ever swap clothes or anything like that?

I think we are both very similar in that when it's time to bring out the big guns and pull a look, we do that. But on most days when we see each other, we look like we just rolled out of bed and somehow got to work on time. [laughs] We keep it very real with each other.

Hunter's Must-Haves

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Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume

Hunter Schafer
Courtesy Gisou
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Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free Sunscreen Broad Spectrum 42

Hunter Schafer
Courtesy Shiseido
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Diptyque Roses Candle

Hunter Schafer
Courtesy Diptyque
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Shiseido Kajal InkArtist

Hunter Schafer
Courtesy Shiseido

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