Here's How You Should Use a Face Roller

Beauty influencers post about them, celebrities talk about them, but what’s the right way to use a face roller?

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Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Hillary Duff love face rollers, and you've probably seen influencers on Tik-Tok and Instagram singing praises about the tiny gadget and claiming it to be the "must-have" skincare tool.

Although face rollers have been popping up everywhere over the past few years, Nicole Caroline, a licensed master esthetician, explains that the technique originates back to ancient China, and was popular during the 17th century. Yushi Gunlun, as it is known in Chinese, is a small handheld wand made of jade stone. "Facial rolling with precious gemstones such as jade and rose quartz was used by the wealthy and elite, they believed the stones held beneficial healing and anti-aging powers," she says.

Today, face rollers can be found in various shapes, sizes, and materials, with each boasting different benefits. And although the concept of face rolling seems quite simple, if you've stood in front of the mirror and wondered, "Is this working?" you're not alone.

To understand a bit more about face rollers, we asked Caroline to share some tips on the best way to enhance any beauty regimen using the technique.

How to Use a Face Roller

If you've just bought a face roller, the tendency to overdo the rolling is always there. Of course, we all want to see optimum results, but unfortunately, gliding a face roller over the skin for hours will only leave you with an aching arm. The steps below tell you how to get the most out of your face roller, in just 10 minutes.

Step One: Cleanse

Always clean your face before you use your face roller. "Cleansing first is very important as you do not want to push any bacteria into the skin," says Caroline.

Step Two: Moisturize

Apply a hydrating face serum, followed by a gentle face oil. "You want to make sure the oil is designed to be used on the face," she says. "I like using the serum for product penetration, and the oil for glide."

Step Three: Start From the Inner Cheek

Starting from the inner cheek, directly under the eye, use the smaller end of your jade or quartz double-ended tool, and gently roll outward toward the temple. "Make sure to do this three times on each side," recommends Caroline.

Step Four: Move Onto the Lower Portion of the Face

For the lower portion of the face, use the larger stone on the opposite end of your roller, she explains. "Continue with three outward sweeping motions, till you feel the tension in your face start to release."

Step Five: Move To the Neck

Move onto your neck, working gently in an upward motion. "Start under the jawbone and roll out towards the inner ear," instructs Caroline.

Step Six: Move To the Forehead

Finish by applying light upward strokes from the brow bone to the hairline. "Pay special attention to the tension in the brow area and gently roll there for a few extra seconds," says Caroline.

Step Seven: Clean

To prevent breakouts and transferring bacteria onto your face, clean your roller before and after using it. This can be done with a damp cloth or alcohol wipes.

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Face Roller?

While facial rolling may not reveal immediate results, the light pressure applied helps to stimulate blood circulation, which can lessen the appearance of fine lines and tighten the skin.

Also, keep in mind that facial rollers are most effective when used with a serum or moisturizer as they help the skin to actively absorb key ingredients deep into the facial tissue, enhancing hydration and contributing to brighter-looking skin. Other benefits include lymphatic drainage and reduced inflammation.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Facial Roller

Add a Face Mask

Take your face massage to the next level by applying a sheet mask. Not only is this super relaxing, but the facial roller helps all the goodness from the mask to penetrate deep into the skin.

Be Gentle

Don't push too hard. I know what you're thinking, "Maybe if I apply more pressure on the facial roller, I'll see better results." Unfortunately, extra pressure doesn't have any effect. "The lymph system is very delicate, and a light touch is all you need," says Caroline.

Create a Ritual

The repetitive motion of rolling a face roller can be therapeutic. Take your time, there's no rush. "Practice deep breathing while doing it, and create a beautiful ritual around it," suggests Caroline.

Keep it Cold

The muscles in the face tend to store a lot of tension which can cause wrinkles and fine lines. Keeping your face roller in the fridge can help reap maximum skin tightening benefits while de-puffing the skin and soothing irritations.

Do Face Rollers Work?

Sure, face rolling looks great, and it definitely sounds soothing, but after standing in the mirror using the roller for 10 minutes, are you going to see any results? "Honestly, facial rolling feels fantastic on your skin and is definitely recommended. However, keep in mind that it is not a life-changing treatment," says Caroline. "I advise being realistic with your expectations before you start facial rolling. Whenever my clients ask me this question, I always stress the benefits of any facial massage that can be turned into a ritual, which is exactly how facial rolling should be viewed. Facial rolling helps us be mindful of our skin, and our skincare, and for that reason, I love it."

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