What she's "learned the hard way" about achieving a sun-kissed glow. 
Paris Hilton
Credit: Courtesy

When it comes to beauty, Paris Hilton is the queen — some might even call her the original beauty influencer. And even after all these years, the heiress continues to expand her influence and empire. On top of becoming a renowned DJ and launching endless beauty lines, it was officially announced yesterday that Hilton is the newest investor in The Glam App. The on-demand beauty services platform was created in 2015 and allows people to book appointments straight to their door right on the app.

It has been referred to as the “Uber for beauty,” but Hilton — who has also been a customer for years — is ready to take the company to a new level. “I am excited to use my skills to grow the company and truly make every day gorgeous for everyone,” the star said in a press release. “The Glam App’s strong community of hair, makeup, and nail artists are a strong force in this industry, and their commitment to showcasing diversity and inclusion in the beauty space is inspiring.”

In celebration of the partnership, founder and celebrity hair and makeup artist Joey Maalouf came up with limited edition looks inspired by Hilton that users can now try on the app. The Glam App offers hair, makeup and nail appointments with professionals along with a new VIP experience, which includes longer sessions with celebrity stylists like Maalouf. The timing for the app’s new features couldn’t be more perfect, especially with summer right around the corner.

However, as much as Hilton loves The Glam App, there's one beauty service she’s committed to doing on her own. To avoid a spray tan gone wrong, Hilton has a foolproof routine — and the tanning legend let InStyle in on her secrets.

1. Home is where the spray tan is.

“I only like doing at-home spray tans because I hate having to get in the car after,” Hilton shared. We’ve all seen the Friends episode when Ross completely messes up his appointment in the spray tanning booth. He may not have gotten into a car afterwards, but that’s definitely not the experience Hilton wants you to have. Take a page from her playbook and be as comfortable as possible by opting for the process in your own home.

2. Customization is key.

To ensure a tan looks as natural as possible, it’s important to choose sprays designed for your body. Her secret for the best tan? "My friend Jen owns this place called Portofino Beverly Hills, it’s the best tanning place in the world,” she revealed. “They customize your color, make your tan and come to your house.” While not all of us have a bespoke tanning bestie, may spray tan salons will customize your tan to your skin color and preferred tone.

3. But first, bubbles.

“I always take a bubble bath before, and exfoliate,” she said. While it’s important to not get wet after tanning, taking a bath or shower beforehand is the way to go as doing so, removes dead skin and leaves your body feeling fresh.

4. You can’t go wrong with black.

Remember, products often leave residue behind no matter what you use. Don’t wear any light colors and according to Hilton, invest in dark bedding. “It’s a good idea to get black sheets, because I’ve learned the hard way,” she told us.

5. Sleep it off.

Speaking of beds, make time for tanning at night and then go to sleep. It’s an easy way to avoid being self-conscious about how it turned out and to make sure the tan set. “I dry off and sleep with it on so that when I wake up and shower it’s all good,” Hilton recommended.