Finally, a removal method that won't make you shout expletives. 

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Glitter Nail Polish

In my humble opinion, glitter nail polish should be worn any day of the year. Yes, it's impossible not to feel festive when you've transformed your fingers into minature disco balls, but unlike your one neighbor that leaves their Christmas lights up until March, sparkly nail polish doesn't feel out of place once the holidays are over.

While glitter polish is easy to apply (the shimmery flecks cover up any streaks!), it can be a pain to remove. Even going over your nail a few times with a nail polish remover doesn't always get all of the sparkles off. Scraping glitter off with a cuticle pusher in a last-ditch effort works, but it can also damage your nail.

Instead of reliquishing my favorite glitter nail polishes, I turned to Julie Kandalec, a New York City-based nail artist, to find out why glitter polish is ao hard to remove, and how to take it off.

"The reason glitter is so hard to remove is because it is made of non-porous materials, like glass, mylar, or alumimum," she says. "Because it's suspended in a polish base, essentially it becomes ahered to the nail as it dries, making it difficult for acetone to penetrate it."

That said, you'll want to go with 100% acetone when taking off glitter nail polish. Start off by soaking a cotton ball with a bit of the fluid, then let it sit on the nail for 30 seconds to a minute. "Massage the cotton on the nail and swipe down to the free edge," Kandalec says. "This allows the acetone to seep under the glitter, allowing it to come off swiftly and easily."

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For people like me who love glitter nail polish, but want to save the extra hassle that comes with taking it off, Kandalec has some advice: "Instead of painting several layers of chunky glitter, you layer a chunky glitter over a holo or micro glitter," she says.

Don't forget to start off with a base coat as a buffer between your nail and the polish. Then, paint on a shimmery shade in the same color family as your glitter before going in with the actual sparkles.

And if all else fails, Kandalec points out that peel-off glitter nail polish exists for a reason.