This Is the Easiest and Safest Way to Get Rid of Your Eyelash Extensions At Home

Do not try to pluck them off.

How to remove eyelash extensions
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Picture it: New York City 2020. It was a lovely Saturday afternoon in early March, but you noticed that your lashes were starting to look a little sparse. Unfazed, you decided to visit your go-to eyelash tech to get a quick fill. You enjoyed your fluttery new look for about a week or two, then all hell broke loose.

Now, even though you're in quarantine and practicing social distancing, the six or seven eyelashes you've got left on either side are driving you crazy. Luckily, there's an easy way to get rid of your extensions — but there's a little bit of a catch.

"There is no over-the-counter or any DIY oil-based products that can safely remove lash extensions," says celebrity lash expert and founder of Envious Lashes Clementina Richardson. "Removing them yourself can pull out your actual lashes since the extensions are attached strand by strand and can lead to bald spots that may never grow back."

What you can do, however, is be patient. "Your extensions will eventually grow out and shed with your natural lash cycle," she explains.

And if you're thinking that maybe you could try cutting your extensions down to match with your natural eyelashes — don't. "Never cut your lashes or pick off your lash extensions," Richardson warns. "Picking at them will only cause damage to your natural lashes."

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While you wait for your extensions to come off on their own, the best thing you can do for your natural lashes in the interim is to try to keep them healthy. The lash expert recommends using a treatment product before bed, like Envious Lashes' Luxuriating Lash Conditioning Serum to keep the hairs hydrated. "It's a unique blend of natural botanicals and ingredients that help promote stronger, fuller looking, natural lashes," she explains. The bonus? It's also great for brows.

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