5 Ways to Stretch the Life of Your Beauty Products

Dripping Bottles
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Wait! Before you toss that nearly empty tube or give up on a worn-down lipstick bullet, check out these genius tricks to get the most out of your go-to beauty staples.

Decant your Lipstick

“Use a small painter’s spatula, or even a chopstick, to reach down into a tube and scoop out the last bit of lipstick,” says Suzy Gerstein, N.Y.C. makeup artist. "Then transfer it to a pillbox or small travel-size container empty container. You’d be surprised at how many more uses you’ll get out of that bullet.”

Remix your Retinoid

Does your skin treatment come in a tube? Then when you’re nearing the last of your applications, “cut off the top of the tube and scoop out the remainder of the formula,” says N.Y.C. Dermatologist Sejal Shah. "If you have more than a day's worth, put it into a lidded container,” she says. "I cut off the ends of my retinoid tube when it’s nearly finished and mix the product with bit of plain (sunscreen-free) moisturizer before applying. This doesn’t compromise the efficacy, and it’s especially helpful if you are experiencing some dryness from your retinoid."

Refresh Your Mascara

Is your favorite mascara drying out? “Drip a little eye drop solution into the tube,” suggests N.Y.C. makeup artist Daniel Martin. “It'll add moisture to revive the formula and give you a few more applications.”

Create a New Base

“When I'm down to the end of my liquid foundation, I start mixing it with my moisturizer,” says Kirin Bhatty, L.A. makeup pro. "I flip the bottle upside down to get as much out as I can, then I blend it with a drop or two of lotion to create a custom tinted moisturizer,” she says. "If I'm dying for a little extra coverage, I'll spot treat with concealer. “

Doctor Up Your Conditioner

Before you toss that empty-ish bottle of conditioner, mix in a few tablespoons of water, suggests N.Y.C. hair stylist Matt Fugate. “Shake it up to make a light leave-in conditioner,” he says. “Or in place of water you can try adding a little hair gel to give strands more hold.”

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