"Does this spark joy?"

By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Jul 21, 2016 @ 8:45 am

Hello, my name is Roxanne and I am a beauty hoarder.

It took a lot for me to admit that to myself, but when I relocated desks a little over two weeks ago, I was forced to confront the cold hard truth. And that truth was that I simply had way too much stuff (in the form of beauty products) in my space at work. This, in turn, was contributing to my stress levels and honestly made it hard to be productive. It was also beyond overwhelming. I had to face the facts! If I wanted to feel better, I would have to be an editor and edit my desk.

Now, when it comes to the art of editing and tidying, no one can argue against the fact that Marie Kondo is pretty much the philosopher of cleaning up clutter.

I decided to take her principle of asking myself whether something sparks joy when I see it, and also the notion of organizing by category, and apply it to the contents of my desk. What did that mean? I had to go through every single genre that appeared on my desk (FYI, that's a lot) and see what inherently made me happy. Honestly, that meant I was going to really have to make some cuts. Papers would need to be sorted. Notebooks would have to be reevaluated. Lipsticks would need to find a home that, you know, wasn't on this tiny piece of furniture. For the love of god, mists! I don't need to have six different face mists on my desk at all times. Quite frankly, unless I'm testing them out or are in the midst of a work project, it is unreasonable.

For categories, I allowed myself one face moisturizer, one regular moisturize, one mist, one air freshener, one lipstick, one concealer, one mascara, foundation, lip balm, fragrance, nail polish, hand cream, and one hand sanitzer. You get the picture. It sounds like a lot, but alas, I can promise you it is significantly more bearable than before. And this clean house extended beyond just beauty products. I allow myself one notebook and my calendar on my desk. That's it. No more using nine different notebooks depending on the day. Beyond that, just the pens that I use. That Clueless-inspired quote pen that ran out of ink a year ago? Chucked it in the bin where it belongs because it was literally gathering dust. One pair of scissors, because honestly, why do I need two? Another habit I've kicked? Hoarding desk supplies like paper clips and staples. When I need them, from now on I will take a trip to the supply cabinet. Honestly, I feel refreshed just thinking about this!

It's the truth when I say that when I come into work and look at my sleek streamlined desk, it makes me so happy.

Learning how to be reasonable about how many nail polishes or fragrances I need at my desk wasn't easy, but deciding in a steadfast manner what I was using (and what was just taking up space) made me consider what it was about the products that makes me consistently reach for them more than my other beauty staples.

So not only is my space more tidy, I'm also dealing myself a solid hand because I know what I have readily available won't fail me. It's that simple. Now all I have to do is KonMari Method my medicine cabinet. If you don't hear from me for more than two days, assume I am buried under a mountain of sheet masks and please send an emergency rescue team.