How to Go to an Outdoor Summer Event and Not Have Your Face Melt Off

Because there's nothing worse than realizing your eyeliner has migrated to your chin. 

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In theory, there is nothing more glamorous than an outdoor summer soiree. Whether it's a barbeque, a cocktail party, or a full-on formal affair, the prospect of an outdoor event just feels very special. But while in theory this is great, in practice it can be a little bit more tricky because of a thing called sweat. Hey, it happens. Excessive humidity also happens. Alas, your outdoor events don't have to be ruined by the prospect of a messy makeup situation. Nay! There is always a solution if you venture to find one, so I did.

When in doubt, hit up your makeup artist BFFs, amiright?!

I spoke to celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, who told me to start with a good oil control primer and keep the skin-care products to a minimum. If I can spend less time prepping my skin and more time living my life, I'm going to hop on that train. "Your skin will naturally get beautifully dewy anyway throughout the day, so you might as well let it hydrate itself," she said.

Celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli agreed with Katie, saying aside from using lighter skin care, opting for a mattifying primer will keep sweat at bay and refine your pores.

Another tip from Scibelli? Sheer out your makeup more in the hotter months by opting for a tinted moisturizer or water-based foundation with built-in SPF. If you don't need coverage, he says to go for a mattifying primer, concealer only where you need it, and a mineral powder. "This will keep your regimen minimal and prevent cakeyness. You can even use a powder puff mid-event to absorb excess oil," he mentions.

Hughes suggests blotting papers instead of powder as another means to absorb oil. She explains that the more layers on your skin, the harder it is to manage throughout the day. If you finish with powder, you will need to continue to add more powder throughout the day.

Katie's next tip is major.

"If any areas of your makeup become heavy or patchy, you can take a damp beauty blender and smooth out any kinks throughout the day. And it will feel super refreshing, too."

And lastly, your eye makeup because that's gotta stay put, too. Scibelli suggests looking for water-resistant eyeliners and mascaras, particularly the Urban Decay 24/7 gel liner because they are great for the outdoors and stay put all day.

Now go on with your bad self and enjoy that summer sunset soiree—minus all the sweat.

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