It's the hair of my dreams, too...

By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated May 25, 2016 @ 3:45 pm
David Becker/Getty Images

Ah, Gigi Hadid. Is there anything about her that isn't amazing? It's really no surprise she is one of the most in demand models of the moment—her bod is out of this world, her beauty looks are legit, and her Instagram feed? Pure gold.

But for me, what I really envy is her hair—that perfectly ashy-sandy, blonde. I've spent the better part of the last few weeks lusting after it. I think it's so subtly gorgeous. And while I already loved my hair blonde, I was compelled to copy Gigi like you wouldn't believe.

So, I rang up my colorist, Sarah Spratt of Takamichi Hair in NYC. If I could trust anyone on the planet to get me where I want to be, it's this woman. And given the color of my natural hair, and therefore roots, it was going to take very practiced hands to get me looking like Gigi.

Naturally, I'm a brunette. I'm what more literary types would describe as raven-haired... my hair is seriously dark. And while I always loved the richness of my hair-color, I also love being blonde. That complicates things, because with hair as naturally dark as mine, things run the risk of getting brassy and orange very easily. Because of that, Sarah decided that the best way to go about things was not to do a single-process treatment, but go back in first with highlights to my roots, while using an uberliss treatment to prevent damage.

Then, after the highlights were finished, Sarah went in and toned my whole head. And let me tell you, this was worth the extra step because the stream of compliments I have gotten since stepping out of that salon has been pretty much endless. My hair is the perfect shade of sandy, dirty-blonde. Those three hours in the chair were so worth it. And the proof is in the pudding.

Photo by Elysia Berman

Bottom line? If you want color like Ms. Hadid's, but you have naturally super dark hair, go about the process with highlights first and then have your colorist tone it. And if possible, try to have Sarah color your hair if you're in NYC. If you're anything like me, you'll be prancing around town acting like you're in a shampoo commercial—and you'll have the hair to match!