A Supermodel Gave Me Her Highlighting Tips—and Now I Feel Like a Supermodel, Too

Because who doesn't want a supermodel glow?

Lindsay Ellingson - November 3, 2015 - Polo Ralph Lauren host Victories of Athlete Ally held at Polo Ralph Lauren Store, NYC. (Photo by Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan) *** Please Use Credit from Credit Field ***
Photo: Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan

If you want a good example of a glow that's to die for, look no further than supermodel and Co-Founder/Creative Director of Wander Beauty, Lindsay Ellingson. Girlfriend has nailed the "glowing from within" look. Seriously, she literally never looks overdone or glistening in an artificial way.

Obviously, there is a secret method I needed to find out about. And Ellingson's secrets? They are a'plenty.

So what did this goddess suggest first? Interestingly enough, she recommends trying a new color. Apply a few swipes of a highlighter with a champagne pink tone, like Wander Beauty's new Catch the Light Highlighter in Star ($25; sephora.com), to the back of your hand and then blend with your favorite tinted moisturizer or foundation. "When you apply, it will add a healthy glow to your complexion. The subtle, dewy champagne pink color is a fresh new way to wear a highlighter." BRB, running home to wash my face and start my makeup over with this tip.

Another super-approved tip? Show off those stems, ladies! Take the Candle Glow Illuminater ($45; sephora.com), part of the new On-the-Glow Bronzer, and swipe a stripe down the center of your shins, thighs, and tops of your feet and then blend. P.S. I cannot get enough of this.

Not only will this elongate your legs, but the ultra-fine pearlescence will catch the light beautifully. Talk about strutting your sexy stuff.

What about amping up your glow from the waist up? Got ya covered. Take a warm golden highlighter and apply to your shoulders and décolletté for a gorgeous sheen. Lindsay says this is a great way to keep your skin glowing in sun-dresses and tanks this summer.

Another tip? You can even mix with your favorite moisturizer for an all-over glow.

You'll look in the mirror and find yourself saying, "Cindy Crawford, is that you???"

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