The Foolproof Way to Cover Up a Pimple

Whether it's your birthday party, sister's wedding, or a first date, pimples intuitively know to pop up whenever you have a special event on your iCal.

The bad news is there's not way to instantly get rid of a zit. However, the good news is that with the right technique, a breakout can be covered up with makeup so that it's (almost) invisible. To find out exactly how to achieve this seemingly impossible feat, InStyle associate social media editor Rachel Otero turned to Kelli J. Bartlett, the artistic director of Glamsquad, to get a tutorial on how to properly cover up pimples once and for all.

The secret, Bartlett says, is distraction. The makeup artist suggests an eye look because it'll draw the focus up and away from any pimples. Start by moisturizing the skin, and then applying a thin coat of foundation all over your face. It might seem counterintuitive, but thick, cake-y layers won't conceal your breakout. Instead, Bartlett says to always rely on thin, multiple layers.

Next comes concealer. The pro recommends using a peach-toned shade if you're trying to cover up a dark pimple, and a yellow-toned one for any red ones. Target the area of the pimple like a bulls-eye, and then tap the area with a clean brush to blend the makeup in for a seamless finish. Follow up with a concealer that matches your skin tone, and then set everything with powder and a fluffy brush.

Not too hard, right? Be sure to bookmark this tutorial so you have it handy for your next breakout.

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