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Thanks to Kylie Jenner and the rise of injectables, filler is a popular option for those who want fuller lips. However, if you have a needle phobia — or don't have the available funds — there is an alternative. The best part? It only involves using makeup you probably already have in your stash. We turned to celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo to show us exactly how to make lips appear fuller — and without enlisting the help of a syringe.

First, Oquendo says to apply a hydrating lip balm — but make sure it's not too greasy, lest the other lip products you're using slide off. Next, take a lip stain like JOAH's Tintation Lip Stain ($6; cvs.com) and apply, making sure that it fully absorbs and dries before you take the next step.

Once the stain is set, layer a liquid lipstick over your entire lips. According to Oquendo, this step builds depth, and thus makes your lips look larger. We recommend Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Lips Liquid Lipstick ($34; nordstrom.com), which has a creamy matte finish that doesn't dry out and get flaky. Follow up with a lip liner like one of Bite's pencils ($18; sephora.com), and go over your cupid's bow.

Hit play on the video above to see Oquendo's complete tutorial, including his hack on what to do if you use too much product throughout the process.