MAR 2016 Beauty Foundation COM Lead
Credit: Serena Becker

Next to the patent leather shine of a liquid, not much can compete with the graphic effect created by an inky gel liner, but when it comes to some formulas, we feel like we'll get a good week or two of wear before the pot dries out entirely. To help combat the issue, we spoke to makeup artist Elle Leary to find a way to prevent it, and more importantly, how to bring your favorite gel liner back to life after it has dried to a hockey puck-like consistency. "I always store my gel liners upside down," she tells us. "Not only can you see what colors you have better, but it keeps the moisture at the top of the product." The same rule applies for any cream shadows you have, FYI.

It also goes without saying, but you'll want to keep the cap on as tight as possible. Placing a thin piece of plastic wrap over the product before screwing on the lid can also help, but in the case that it doesn't, Leary offers up a few user-friendly fixes. MAC's Mixing Medium ($14; or some coconut oil can help restore the formula to a more blendable state, but if you're in a pinch, even eye drops will do. Simply add a drop or two, and mix with your brush. If none of the above are handy, grab your hair dryer. "I turn the jar upside down on a table, and blow medium heat from the dryer on the bottom," Leary says. "This will reactivate all the oils that are left in the product. The glass can get really hot, so use a hot pad or a grip surface. After you've done this for about two to three minutes, mix the product."