How to Get Ready for Your Next Zoom Meeting in Only 5 Minutes

Now you can enter the call with video.

If like many of us, you're currently working from home, chances are you probably look like it too. I know I do.

Sure, it's nice to wear PJs all day, walk around with no makeup on, and generally look like a wreck while doing your day job. But once that Zoom meeting notification pops up on your calendar, it's a whole other ball game — especially if your team encourages you to keep your camera on. Luckily, there are plenty of easy ways to get ready for your next video conference call in only five minutes. And you probably already have all the beauty products you need lying around in your bathroom.

Here, I share my own personal tips, along with suggestions from celebrity hairstylist Ashley Streicher and beauty expert Millie Morales, so when you get your next call, you'll actually want to proceed with video.


Step 1: Skin

The first thing you'll want to focus on is your skin, but there's no need to go through a whole 10-step routine. Simply apply your favorite moisturizer all over your face to instantly make your skin look more vibrant — one minute and you're done. My pick is The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream from La Mer, which gives me an instant glow, while Morales recommends Garnier's SkinActive Water Rose 24H Moisture Cream. "It's super lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin," she says.

La Mer

To buy: $190;

Garnier SkinActive Moisturizer

To buy: $11;

Step 2: Makeup

Less is more in the days of social distancing. That's why it should only take you about two minutes to apply your makeup. If you want some coverage, I recommend only applying your foundation or concealer in spots you really want to cover up, then using your finger to pat it in. I usually reach for Fenty Beauty's Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Concealer or Armani Beauty's cult-favorite Luminous Silk Foundation. Morales is a fan of It Cosmetic's Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream.

Fenty Beauty Concealer

To buy: $28;

Armani Beauty Foundation

To buy: $65;

It Cosmetics CC Cream

To buy: $42;

Afterwards, use an eyebrow pencil to quickly brush out your brows and only fill in any noticeable gaps (sorry, this isn't the time to create the bushy brows of your dreams). Maybelline's Brow Ultra Slim Defining Eyebrow Pencil and Dior's Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil are among my personal favorites. Follow up with a few strokes of your favorite mascara on your top lashes to open up your eyes. Then last but not least, apply a little bit of highlighter to your upper cheek bones and the tip of your nose, using your finger to blend it in. This step makes a world of difference in my opinion — trust me on this one. My absolute favorite is Fenty Beauty's Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick, but if you don't have any highlighter at home, grab some Aquaphor from your medicine cabinet and follow the same steps. Then dab a little on your lips.

Maybelline Brow Pencil

To buy: $9;

Dior Brow Pencil

To buy: $30;

Fenty Beauty Match Stix

To buy: $28;


To buy: $7;

If you have more than one video meeting for the day, finish off with a spritz of Garnier's SkinActive Soothing Facial Mist with Rose Water or any other setting spray you have on hand. "It's go ing to help set your makeup and you can use it throughout the day for a quick refresh," Morales explains.

Garnier Skin Mist

To buy: $9;

Step 3: Hair

For my natural girls, grabbing a pick, fluffing out your hair, and just leaving it out is always the easiest option. But if you've been struggling with your hair as of late, using headbands, hair ties, or scarves can make a world of difference in only two minutes.

Option 1: Headbands. Brush the front of your hair back (using gel if you have to), then slide your headband on top. Use a pick to fluff out your hair from the back. The lightweight Turban Headbands by Sincerely Jules are among my favorite, since they make a whole statement — rather than your hair.

Sincerely Jules Headband

To buy: $10;

Option 2: Hair Ties. Use a hard brush to slick your hair down and create a low bun, or brush up the top half of your hair to create a quick and easy half-up, half-down style.

Option 3: Scarves. The beauty of scarves is that they're so versatile. Either use it to create a tighter or wider headband, or tie it up to cover your entire head of hair.

If you have in a protective style and you're dealing with overgrown roots, create the look of a deep part by flipping over the majority of your hair to one side, leaving only a few braids on the other. You can also take two chunks of hair from the front and tie it up at the back to create a half-up, half-down look that will cover up most of your new growth. Finish up by using some edge control to slick down your edges, if you wish.

If you have type 1 or 2 hair, Streicher recommends starting off with a dry shampoo. "I like to spray a bit of Garnier Fructis Invisible Dry Shampoo into the roots of my hair," she says. "Then I give myself a little head massage, getting all my roots moving to help absorb any oil. Next, I section out the front of my hair, mostly the hairline, take a small round brush and smooth it out while also getting some volume. This gives the illusion that you have a fresh blowout."

Garnier Fructis Dry Shampoo

To buy: $5;

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