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We've all been there: Your eyeliner is traveling smoothly along your lash line, but you hit a bump mid-way and everything goes crooked. When this inevitable moment occurs, what's the one thing you shouldn't do? Wipe off all of your makeup, because it's totally possible to fix your eyeliner mistakes without completely starting over. This breakdown from celebrity makeup artist Jenna Christina shows you exactly how to quickly fix uneven eyeliner without re-doing your makeup.

Christina says to take a soft, flexible straight-edge tool such as beautyblender's liner.designer.pro ($16; net-a-porter-.com) and trace your felt-tip liner along it. This will help keep the line straight from the start. If you still mess up, don't stress out. The makeup artist recommends grabbing a pointed Q-Tip ($3; walmart.com), soaking it in makeup remover, place it underneath your line, and pull up to clean up any smudges.

Super easy, right? Hit play on the video above to see Christina's complete tutorial for fixing crooked eyeliner.