Here's Exactly How to Determine Your Face Shape

Is your face diamond-, square-, or heart-shaped? Experts explain the differences between the most common face shapes.

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Knowing your face shape, whether it is heart-shaped like Rihanna's or more square-shaped like Natalie Portman's, can be a useful piece of information. Not only can it help you find your most flattering haircut, but it can also influence how you shape your eyebrows, style your bangs, and contour your makeup (more on that below). But the question still remains: How exactly can you determine which face shape you happen to be?

Figuring out your face shape can prove to be a little harder than you'd think since it's not a one-size-fits-all type of situation. You have to pay close attention to the sides of your face and jawline, especially how pronounced or rounded your angles are. But even still, face shapes may not fall into just one category and can vary depending on who you ask.

So to clear up the confusion once and for all, we consulted the expertise of NYC makeup artists Mayerling Cintron of Bellamayven (and founder of Tuhlz), Sharon Becker, and Dr. Jennifer MacGregor of Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City, on how to figure out your face shape.

Keep scrolling to learn the differences between some of the most common face shapes and find out which one best describes you.

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Diamond-Shaped Face

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A diamond face shape is often characterized by having pronounced features, such as an angular chin and cheekbones. Still, you can have a diamond-shaped face with softer, more subtle attributes, too — as long as they highlight the cheekbones, chin, and jawline, notes Cintron.

In general, for those with a diamond face shape, cheekbones are the widest part of the face, followed by the forehead, with the bottom part of the face sloping into a narrow chin, Becker tells us.

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Heart-Shaped Face

Rihanna heart-shaped face with bangs and wavy bob

For those with heart-shaped faces, the upper half of the face is wider than the bottom half. "Heart has a wider forehead and cheekbone and then tapers down to a relatively more narrow and smaller jawline and lower face," says MacGregor.

Once you determine your face shape, it may help you in deciding how to apply your makeup — but only if you want it to. For instance, "Someone with a stronger forehead or a heart-shaped face may want to contour more around the perimeter of the forehead," says Cintron. This will work to make the forehead appear more narrow and create facial balance.

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Oval-Shaped Face

Olivia Munn oval face shape with ponytail and bangs
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Simply put, an oval-shaped face is longer than it is wide with a soft perimeter — think: "balanced egg," says MacGregor. Cheekbones will be the widest part of oval faces, then the forehead, and finally, the jawline, adds Becker.

The best part about this face shape? It can adapt to any hairstyle, parting, mood, or occasion, and always look good.

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Round-Shaped Face

Selena Gomez round face shape with low ponytail and nude lipstick
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Round face shapes are widest in the center and more narrow at the top and bottom. "The cheekbones and face length have a similar measurement," says Becker. Also, the top of the forehead is typically rounded and the jawline usually has a soft angle, she adds.

When it comes to applying makeup, Cintron offers up some tips for those with round faces: "A round face has fuller cheeks and a less defined jawline and bone structure. Someone with a rounder face may want to add definition by contouring more around their cheeks," she says.

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Square-Shaped Face

Natalie Portman square-shaped face with half-up, half-down hairdo
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Square face shapes are defined by their wider forehead and jawline, comments Dr. MacGregor. "The forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are essentially the same width," adds Becker.

A flattering contour trick? Cintron says contouring along the jaw can soften the jawline while still accentuating a square-shaped face.

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Oblong-Shaped Face

Sarah Jessica Parker oblong face shape with subtle smoky eye and long blonde hair
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An oblong-shaped face is kind of an elongated combination of an oval and square shape. Like the square shape — albeit, a bit longer — the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all around the same width, notes Becker. A straight hairline and/or taller forehead may also indicate that you have an oblong face shape, she adds.

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