To celebrate summer, we’re asking the season’s most iconic superstars to share their warm-weather secrets. Here, supermodel Christie Brinkley shares the story behind her breezy blonde waves.
InStyle July - Christie Brinkley - Lead
Credit: Paul Thurlby, Getty Images

When I began working with Sports Illustrated, the models did their own hair and makeup. My first order of business after arriving somewhere would be to get a tan, and in case my hair had started to become a little bit darker from the winter, I would also order up some lemons from room service, cut them in half, and lie there squeezing lemon juice on my hair.

VIDEO: Get That Look: Christie Brinkley's Bombshell Blonde Hair

Of course there was also Sun In. I would pour some in a bowl, dip a piece of cotton in it, and run that along a few strands of hair around my face. Then I’d take my hair dryer and bake just those pieces until they changed color.

The frizzled look was in back then, so to get that texture I had this technique—I used to get up and do it in the middle of the night since we started shooting at the crack of dawn—where I’d wash my hair and dry it to where it was still a little damp, and then I’d twist small 1-inch sections and pin them to my head in a crisscross pattern.

But I think it’s that wildness that gives beach hair its allure. It also makes you feel youthful because that’s how your hair was when you grew up. You didn’t care; you were running wild through the fields and playing with your friends and scooting around on a scooter—and it makes you feel free like that again.

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