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A set of well-placed lash extensions have an unparalleled finished result, namely a constant doe-eyed effect and a vacation from almost all of your eye makeup for a few weeks. The upkeep, however, can be pretty precious. We're not saying that you should put your entire life on hold in the pursuit of lush lashes, but you may have to ease up on certain products or intense face-scrubbing rituals during the time you have them. That's why we put together a comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow, guideline for all the things you should avoid to keep your extensions in a pristine shape. Keep reading to get all the details!

Don't Get Them Wet After Application
The adhesive used for eyelash extensions needs a full 24 hours to set, but depending on the type of glue used, it may take up to 48 hours, so you'll want to ask your technician for the specifics. "To be safe, avoid excessive heat for the first couple of days as well—that includes saunas and Bikram yoga classes, where you could work up a sweat," says Melinda Rodriguez, owner of The Lashe Spot in Chicago. Once you can get them wet, make sure to brush through them after washing your face or getting out of the shower so that they keep their shape.

Don't Use Oil-Based Products
Take a closer look at the ingredient list on the eye creams, makeup removers, and creme shadows you currently have in your arsenal—you'll want to take a break from anything that contains oil. "Oil can degrade the adhesive and shorten the life of your lash extensions," says Rodriguez.

Don't Use Waterproof Mascara
Realistically, your lashes will hold such a Bambi-like appearance that you won't even need mascara, but if you decide to wear it, apply the product only to the very tip since the formula could mess with the adhesive at the base of your lash line. Waterproof mascaras in particular can be pretty tenacious, and could end up in a few lost extensions (or even worse, your own lashes) if you get aggressive during the removal process.

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Don't Pull at Them
Lash extensions typically last anywhere from four to six weeks, so during the tail end of their run, you may notice more fallout than usual. Don't panic, and resist the urge to tug at the remaining extensions as this could damage your natural lashes. If it gets unbearable, you can try removing them at home by filling a bowl or your sink with hot water, then place your face over the surface and allow the steam to loosen them for 10 to 15 minutes. Follow by sweeping a cotton ball dipped in olive oil over your lashes, and the extensions should easily slide off.