To the tune of customizable palettes. 

By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Jun 01, 2016 @ 12:30 pm
Hourglass - Glowing Skin - Lead
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

We don't want you to freak out, but we have some pretty major news for you from Hourglass. You know those incredible Ambient Lighting Powders that practically changed your complexion to that of a Hollywood Silver Screen Siren with the simple swish of a brush? Well, starting today, you can get them in a super convenient, customizable palettes available on their website. I know I said that you shouldn't freak out, but I'm totally freaking out. Not having to carry around 3 separate powders so that I can essentially have my own film set lighting team is going to be major (and it will make my handbag feel less like I am carrying bricks. What? I have a lot of lipstick.)

The brand has been teasing the new release on their Instagram, so we've been waiting with baited breath to see what it would end up being. And it's even better than imagined. For $70, (online and at Abbot Kinney) you can create your own bespoke palette with three of the six ambient lighting shades. I was just too excited for words, and before building my own palette, I reached out to Carisa Janes, the founder and CEO of Hourglass, for her tips and tricks with ambient lighting powders.

First things first, I had to know what combinations that Janes's loves and how she uses them together. Here's what she told me.

"I start by sweeping Dim Light all over the face. It gives a bit of a blurring effect. I use Radiant Light along the side of the face for some warmth, using Diffused Light under the eyes instantly brightens up the area. I also love using Luminous Light along the tops of cheekbones. The great thing about the powders is that whether they’re worn alone or layered, the finish is still incredible beautiful and natural."

Wondering which shades are right for you? Consider this your ambient powder guide. First and foremost, it's important to remember that each powder, no matter which you choose, will give your skin a little more life. This is because of the Photoluminescent Technology which invigorates dull skin and leaves the complexion looking smoothing and enhanced. No matter which powder you choose, your skin will look young and healthy. You literally can't lose.

However, if you experience redness in your face, Janes suggest you pick Diffused Light as part of of your trio. "It's our soft, pale, yellow shade. The yellow tone helps to cancel out redness," she says.

If your skin is looking really tired and sluggish, then Janes suggests the following.

"Mood Light really helps to brighten the complexion. I like using Diffused Light under the eyes and around the nose to conceal redness. And tired skin just calls for some Luminous Light, which mimics a candlelit glow."

I even asked Jane what her three most used ambient lighting powders are. While she said all six of her powders are in heavy rotation, she did give us her picks of late. Firstly, Dim Light.

"It's our bestseller for a good reason—everyone looks better in soft, dim lighting." Next, Radiant light. "I love using this to add natural, subtle warmth to my skin." And lastly, Mood Light. "Growing up, my mom only used pink bulbs in our home because she felt they gave the softest, most flattering glow. Mood Light recreates that kind of forgiving light on the skin."

I'm sure you also want to know how Janes uses specific powders on her face. For a finishing powder after foundation, Janes uses Dim Light all over her face. Then, she uses Diffused Light for the under-eye area and to counteract any redness. With Mood Light, she focuses on the center of her face.


As for Radiant Light, Janes suggests using it alone the side of your face and in the hollows of your cheeks for subtle definition. And Ethereal Light? "This powder is perfect for use along that brow bone and on top of the cupid's bow to brighten the face," says Janes.

Last but not least, Luminous Light. Janes swears by this as a warm highlight.

With all of these options, customization is going to be seriously fun. Imagine all of the lighting you can create for yourself. It's you own lighting crew in a compact.