At-Home Ways to Mask Grays

Cover Your Gray Brush-in Mascara
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At-Home Ways to Mask Grays

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Brighten Them

René Furterer Okara mild silver shampoo
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Graying naturally can be both chic and flattering, but it does require a little maintenance. "You want the color to be more silver, less yellow," says Amanda George of the Neil George Salon in L.A, who suggests using Rene Furterer Okara mild silver shampoo ($23; The pigments in this purple-hued shampoo enhance silver highlights and neutralize yellow tones.

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Dye Them

Clairol hair dye
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Looking to extend the time between professional color appointments? Clairol's Nice 'n Easy at-home root touch-up ($7; can "buy you at least two weeks," says L.A. colorist Rona O'Connor. The pudding-like formula is "slightly more transparent than regular dye, so you can apply it to just the new growth—and the touch-up color won't look obvious."

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Style Smartly

Paul Mitchell diffuser
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Most of us will probably see a few silvery strands around our temples months-if not years-before we would consider a full dye job. Style around them, says George. "Creating movement will help hide those early grays," she says. "Waves and curls make it easier to blend them with your natural color and texture. Avoid side parts or sleek ponytails." Try the Paul Mitchell diffuser ($20; for frizz-free volume.

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Accessorize Them

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When roots are more than an inch long and dyeing isn't an option, slip on a wide headband or scarf, like L. Erickson's silk elastic-loop headband ($45; Position at the hairline and let the ties hang underneath your bun or pony.

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Touch Up Temporarily

Touchback Marker
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James Lyons, a colorist at the Ted Gibson salon in N.Y.C. suggests trying the Touchback Marker ($30; to temporarily cover gray hairs. "If you brush the felt tip over damp hair and then blow-dry, the pigment seals and blends in beautifully with your natural hair color," he says. Plus, it comes in eight versatile shades.

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Tint Them

Bumble and Bumble hair powder
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Lyons also recommends Bumble and Bumble hair powder ($35; which comes in five tinted formulas, to hide the silvery-white strands. "The color is more transparent than the other formulas, so you have to use more and layer it to fully hide grays," he says.

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Brush Them Away

Cover Your Gray Brush-in Mascara
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Cover Your Gray Brush-in Mascara ($5; is another quick and easy trick. The mascaralike wand "is fine if you have only a few strands to cover," Lyons says. "And it's easy to carry in a purse." We like it best for brown or black hair, but use sparingly as the gel-like formula tends to clump.

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