LED Skin Device - Lead
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You can shell out a few hundred dollars to experience the wonders of a single LED skin session at the spa, or you could spend roughly the same amount for an at-home device you can break out as often as your Clarisonic. But do the tools actually live up to the same end result you get with a pro-grade facial? Though the lights aren't as intense as their spa counterparts, you'll be able to achieve the effect with daily use. "The technology is actually based closely on a spin-off from NASA's space medicine program," explains Sabrina Tan, founder of Skin Inc, who worked on the brand's TriLight device that launches at this fall. "The three LED Chromotherapy treatments and the low-frequency stimulation activate light receptors in your skin, and stimulate cells to regenerate. This helps increase their metabolism and lymphatic circulation." Meaning, the cell turnover helps to calm down any existing skin issues, boost collagen production, and really allow the skincare products you layer over the top to penetrate at a deeper level.

If you recall learning about the spa-grade LED light facials, you'll remember that blue light can be used to kill acne-causing bacteria, while red light is best to target signs of aging. Yellow light has a similar effect, but does double-duty to fade hyperpigmentation. The Skin Inc. Tri-Light uses all three frequencies, and like many at-home LED tools, it's gentle enough to use every day—though Tan recommends two 10-minute sessions daily for optimal results. Now that's how you give the term "glowing complexion" a literal spin.