This is a brow game-changer.

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Hilary Duff Wunderbrow Gel on Amazon
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Hilary Duff has a lot of thoughts about perfectly drawn-on eyebrows. To put it simply, she’s not here for the trend (and we’re predicting its rapid downfall in 2020, too). In a recent IGTV, the actress shared her daytime holiday makeup tutorial, where she spends a solid two minutes and forty seconds “fluffing” up her eyebrows with a product she buys on Amazon: Wunder2’s Wunderbrow long-lasting eyebrow gel.

“It’s so easy. This product is called Wunderbrow. I get it on Amazon. It seems really weird, but I love it. It just makes it easier [because] I love to have a big brow,” she said in the video while painting the tinted gel over her brows in a feathering motion.

The tube of vegan brow gel is touted for its ability to last up to three days thanks to its waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof formula. The included brush has hair-like bristles, making it easy to apply the product and achieve full, defined brows. Duff’s stamp of approval is reason enough to add this tinted brow gel to your makeup routine, but the fact that it’s also backed by more than 8,500 positive customer reviews further confirms that it really works.

Wunder2 Wunderbrow
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“My eyebrows are sparse and thin. I tried pencils, powders and other gels that seemed to just melt away after a few hours. I cannot say enough good things about this stuff,” one shopper wrote. “It’ll take practice to master, and once it’s in place and dry it’s hard to fix any mistakes, but I love it! I even tried rubbing it off with water and nope, didn’t budge. I think I finally found my lifetime eyebrow product!”

Like with any new product, the Wunderbrow gel may take a couple of tries to completely master how to use it. But luckily, Duff shared her fool-proof trick to applying it. “I kind of use it like nail polish. So, when you pull it out there is a lot of product on it and you just swab it off,” she continued. Seems simple, right? The Wunderbrow gel is just part one of three in her brow routine: After applying it, she then goes back through her brows with a disposable spoolie (which she also bought on Amazon) and tops them off with Glossier’s Boy Brow pomade. And, voila!

The brow gel comes in five different colors — blonde, brown, brown/black, black, and auburn — and costs $22 a tube. While this isn’t exactly drugstore-cheap, Duff’s approval (along with thousands of customers) lets us know it’s worth every penny. If you’ve been looking for a game-changing brow product, you may want to take a page out of Hilary Duff’s beauty book and give this one a try.