A $12 Product Color Corrected My Rosacea-Riddled, Hormonal Skin

A color-correcting product that actually works on my brown complexion. 

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Because I have rosacea and tend to pick at my skin (especially when it's hormonal), my skin is frequently splotchy with spots of redness. It's an issue that makes me feel self-conscious and embarrassed, so I am constantly on the lookout for color-correcting creams and products. Recently, I've been repeatedly amazed by a product that made its way to my desk: Hero Cosmetics' redness-correcting Rescue Balm.

I'll try any color-correcting product once, but I swear by Hero Cosmetics' original Rescue Balm as well as their pimple patches, so I had admittedly high hopes for this new product. Before discovering this $12 balm, there was only one similar product I trusted: Dr. Jart's Cicapair Tiger Grass Treatment which quickly camouflaged the unevenness of my complexion while also providing SPF.

Something I learned too late in life is that you can minimize the scarring from a picked pimple or scab by keeping the area super hydrated. The original Rescue Balm's formula used a strategic combination of panthenol and oligopeptides. The former moisturizes and soothes, while the latter promotes collagen production and skin revitalization. The new version adds green pigment capsules to the formula for a color-correcting boost.

Camouflage redness

Shop now: $12; herocosmetics.com

My complexion is brown/olive and the redness-reducing products I previously used either did not even out my skin tone, weren't formulated for people of color, or both. Frequently, I was left with a pale wash that didn't match my skin, and instead, made it look like I was wearing severely mismatched foundation. This all actually exacerbated how noticeable these red areas of my face were — it looked like I had poorly painted over the spots on my face.

The Hero Cosmetics balm, on the other hand, blended in and became seamless. It wasn't immediate, however. At first, I was nervous I had another dud in my hands when it applied with a light beige tint, but three minutes later, I was surprised! You couldn't tell I was wearing the balm — which is literally the most I could ask for. The redness was neutralized and the area was moisturized, which prevented noticeable, flaky skin.

Ultimately, this is worth way more than $12, but I'm not complaining. Find the color correcting balm at Hero Cosmetics.

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