This Organic Face Oil Is So Potent, Shoppers Say It Replaces Botox — and It's 30% Off Right Now

Estheticians dub it irreplaceable.

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People Say This "Miracle" Anti-Aging Serum Is on Par With Pricier Brands
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Not many things make me as happy as lying my head on my cat's stomach while she's sleeping, and hearing her groan like a tiny, incredibly soft Whoopee Cushion as air escapes. To quote Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday, it's the ultimate, my Everest of joy — and the only thing that comes close is a significant sale on esthetician-adored skincare like Health Priority's organic vitamin E oil.

While vitamin E is rampant in skincare products, a few factors set this one, which is currently 30 percent off, apart. The oil's handmade in South Carolina to ensure its high quality, and supplemented with organic jojoba, avocado, and rice bran oil so you don't get a thick fluid that refuses to sink in (I once broke open a vitamin E capsule, convinced the unadulterated oil would be superior, only to find it unpleasantly sticky). Instead, the lightweight oil instantly absorbs, according to reviewers, delivering a mega dose of hydration that eliminates dry spots.

The blend even impresses licensed estheticians: "Vitamin E has always been a part of my skin care regimen for hydration and to maintain skin tone evenness, as well as assist in preventing or minimizing fine lines," writes one in the comments. "This product took the top spot as my new favorite vitamin E. I've been using it for over a year now, and haven't found anything I feel could replace it just yet. This is liquid happiness for your skin."

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Their devotion is well-warranted, according to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michele Green. Not only does vitamin E strengthen skin and protect it from free radical UV damage, she says, but it defends against premature aging while promoting skin healing, cellular turnover, and increased collagen and elastin production — meaning you see more radiant, smoother-looking skin. "In addition, vitamin E is known for its ability to improve skin texture, [and it] also protects against environmental stressors. It can reduce skin inflammation and redness."

Per shoppers, that multifaceted profile means it takes on any skin concern with ease. "What a difference! I rarely ever need to see my esthetician any more," one shopper writes (sorry to the esthetician above). "My skin is soft and dry spots have disappeared. I have very few wrinkles now, and owe it all to the vitamin E oil. I am 62 years young, and will keep this as my #1 facial product forever."

Acne, rosacea, and scars dissipate within weeks, and wrinkles soften within a month. Dark undereye shadows also lighten up, soothing and smoothing skin better than more expensive serums and creams, according to one reviewer. The effect is so pronounced that another says they haven't gotten Botox since incorporating it into their routine, a hefty benefit from the $14 Amazon purchase.

Other people report that it lightens dark spots and sun damage just as well, leaving skin looking youthful, firm, plump, and dewy without the grease of other vitamin E serums. Multiple fans say it's well-worth the cost, and with the tag tempered by the brand's discount, now's the time to snap it up.

In the paraphrased words of TikTok/The Office, "Good, good. Would you like to make an alliance with [Health Priority's Organic Vitamin E Oil]?" Get it on sale until September 12 with promo code 30INSTYLEHP.

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