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Knowledge might be power, but when it comes to women’s sexual health, it’s also a necessity. Unfortunately, sexual health and pleasure can still be a taboo subject or convo that’s whispered and saved for 1:1 time with friends in our society, which drastically reduces the amount of valuable and important information you get. Luckily, brands like Sustain Naturals are making strides by launching products like condoms or lube with vagina-friendly ingredients that aren’t just marketed towards men, and now there is even a subscription box designed to make chatting and learning about the topic a little more comfortable—and hopefully in the future, the norm.

The program, which officially launched in December, is called What's in Your Box, and like many of your other subscription services, it delivers a box of items to your doorstep monthly for $17.50. You also have the choice of getting a box delivered every three months for $15. Of course, the contents of this box all revolve around a women's sexual experience, whether it be safety, hygiene, or pleasure.

"I was inspired to start WIYB after my own personal run-in with STIs, which left me feeling a lot of shame around my body and sexuality," says founder Christine Long. "As a young woman in her 20s wanting to explore sex, I felt there were no relatable brands or resources I could turn to that would help me take charge of my sexual health. I also took notice of the very prevalent orgasm gap between heterosexual men and women, and wanted to do something about it. I found there was still a lot of stigma surrounding female pleasure and women weren’t feeling confident asking for what they want in bed, or saying no when something doesn’t feel right. Luckily, there are an array of female-centric products that exist on the market to help women achieve the sex life they desire and deserve, which is why I wanted to create an affordable, convenient, and comfortable new means for women to experiment with these types of products."

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That's how the box was born. Each month, a box filled with products that are curated on a theme, research trends, or on customer feedback are delivered to subscribers' doors. All products, whether it's a toy, vibrator, hygiene wipe, or a contraceptive, are meant to create a "sex-positive experience."

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"Our primary goal with this box is to continue empowering women to have safer and more satisfying sex while eliminating the shame that still exists around female sexuality," says Long, who also wants to eliminate the taboo vibe and embarrassment some women experience when shopping for hygiene and pleasure products like freshening wipes or lube.

"What’s great about this box is that it’s an integral part of a greater campaign—an initiative to open up the conversation around sexual health, pleasure, prevention, and consent, so that everyone can be more informed and empowered around their sexuality. College campuses, specifically, has always been a focus of ours and we look forward to connecting with young women to make sure they are properly equipped to achieve the self-image and climax they deserve."

You can get more info on the brands and products they supply and have partnered with, the company's goals, and more at whatsinyour—