So on pointe.
Watch Ballerinas Pull Off an Insane Jason Derulo Routine
Credit: Getty

The Internet has gone all kinds of crazy over a video featuring a group of ballerinas from the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center working it out to a routine set to Jason Derulo’s “If It Ain’t Love.” And with good reason – these girls are amazing.

The ballerinas range in age from 12 to 16 and are all students of Homer Hans Bryant, who posted the clip on the school’s Facebook page and has garnered nearly 6 million views. Makes sense to us. If ever there was a viral vid for which the term “slay” was invented, it’s this one.

Naturally some haters are claiming that since the ballerinas are wearing pointe shoes this isn’t as tough as it looks. Obviously these people have never nearly cried during the thigh portion of a barre class. It’s hard, guys. Like, really hard. And that doesn’t even graze the amount of athleticism these girls have in order to complete this routine.