Venus Williams - Vegan Smoothie - LEAD
Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty

Would it surprise you to learn that world tennis champion Venus Williams runs on plants? That’s right. The EleVen designer and star athlete—currently ranked sixth in the world—fills up on an entirely plant-based diet, which makes her the perfect person to join forces with Silk (and DJ Khaled!) for their recently launched #DoPlants initiative.The campaign celebrates all of the good things that can happen when we eat more plants.

“As an athlete, everything I do is geared toward a better performance” Williams tells InStyle. “Our bodies thrive on the things that we eat, it’s medicine for our bodies and a plant-based diet works best for me.”

Williams, who declares herself “not a foodie”, starts every day with a massive workout so she doesn’t like to fill up too much before a ton of training. Her breakfast go to? A quick and easy pina colada smoothie (recipe below).

If you’re trying to switch over to a more plant-based diet yourself, Williams recommends starting with foods you will actually enjoy. “I always say that if it tastes good, it’s easier to do,” she says. “Find recipes that work for you and your tastes.”

This tropical morning smoothie is a good place to start if you ask us. Read on for the full breakdown.

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Venus Williams's Vegan Breakfast Smoothie

Ingredients (amounts as desired)

Pineapple, cubed
Coconut oil, large helping
Silk Almondmilk (can also be made with Silk Coconutmilk)
*Add banana or vanilla for taste, if needed


Blend all ingredients and enjoy!