Power to the period indeed. 
Ingrid U Kotex
Credit: Courtesy

I have yet to meet a person who is actually excited about getting their period, but something that many of us take for granted is the fact that we have access to the feminine hygiene products needed to make the experience more comfortable. Unfortunately, the same can’t always be said for the homeless, of which there are 3.5 million in the US alone.

It’s for this very reason that U by Kotex is launching their second project entitled "Power to the Period," in conjunction with DoSomething.org, calling to action period product donation drives from now through September 30. This is actually the second installment of the brand's Period Projects series. The first? A period pop-up store that featured literally everything you'd ever want during that time of the month—tampons, mini pizza, sweatpants, ice cream, etc.

The latest initiative was inspired by a Twitter post by Holly Sanchez who wanted to bring the issue to the attention of social media. Now, YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen is in on the action, starring in a "Power to the Period" PSA to encourage others to join the movement.

If you’re interested in helping (and who wouldn’t be?) you can sign up to be a part of the campaign at DoSomething.org/Period or text PERIOD to 38383. Everyone is encouraged to upload an image of their product donation, making them eligible to win a $5,000 scholarship (which is a pretty amazing reward for doing good).