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Credit: Courtesy of Thinx

Thinx doesn’t want your period to get in the way of your workout flow. Now that the brand’s co-founders Miki and Radha Argawal have helped break the stigma surrounding talking about your period, they’re working on removing your cycle’s taboo subject status further with the brand’s new activewear collection. After all, just because you’re on your period, you don’t have to put your lifestyle and the activities that are a part of it on pause until your current flow stops.

That being said, the bulk of pads and liners showing through your workout leggings, or a potential tampon leak happening during your next downward dog, are two major stresses that can affect your workout and if we’re being honest, are big enough worries to skip the gym altogether until you’re past the heaviest days of your cycle.

If you aren’t familiar with the name Thinx, you’ve probably heard of their underwear. They’re the brand behind the period-proof collection of briefs, thongs, high-waist, bikini, and boyfriend cuts to name a few, that can hold the equivalent of up to two tampons’ worth of blood depending on the style. Each pair is built with a center layer of moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you from feeling wet, with anti-microbial elements built in so you stay odor-free. And most importantly, the combined absorption and leak-proof layers guarantee stain-free days.

The two-piece activewear collection is equipped with the same innovative technology so you can keep your flow going whether you’re in a dance class or boxing—without thinking about your period the whole time you’re at the gym. Although both pieces are ballet-inspired, if you don’t have any plié’s on your workout menu, they can easily be incorporated into your usual gym attire by layering them with the rest of your fitness gear.

First up: the unitard. Made from 100% cotton, it's meant for lighter flow days, but it can hold up to one-half of a tampon’s worth of blood so it’s perfect for back-up protection. Throw a tank on over it, and it’s the perfect outfit for everything for a morning run or pilates class.

And the leotard is meant for your lightest days. While its mesh cut-out sides make it a little bit sassier than the unitard, it still offers the same leak-proof technology. Slip on your favorite workout leggings over it, and you’re ready to hit barre class.

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Both pieces are available now at shethinx.com, so grab yours before your next cycle starts.