Taylor Hill
Credit: D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

I have lived through my fair share of product discontinuations, but one of the saddest situations I’ve had to deal with in that genre was when Victoria’s Secret said “no more” to their swim line. FYI, those bikini bottoms stayed on even through the most treacherous of waves. But the brand quickly made up for the bad news with the launch of VS Sport. The sports bras are the bomb, and I had the opportunity to chat with one of the models of the brand (who’s also an Angel and the face of Lancôme, nbd) backstage at Brandon Maxwell’s Spring/Summer ’17 NYFW show. And that model, was Taylor Hill.

Given that she has access to some of the cutest workout clothes ever (seriously look at the sports bra and pants in that pic below), I needed to know about the workouts that she loves and the workouts she totally hates. Because if there’s anything I like chatting about just as much as the exercises that give me joy, it’s the ones I despise.

“I hate running. I can’t stand it. It’s the worst. It’s hard—it’s TOO hard. It’s hard on my knees. It makes my knees pop,” she told me.

It took me, like, four years to truly enjoy running, so believe me, Taylor, I GET YOU.

As for the workouts she digs? You’ll want to book yourself a class at modelFIT in NYC because that’s where her trainer serves up an amazing class.

"I work with a personal trainer, her name is Lauren Duhamel. She specializes in muscle isolation and toning and lengthening. She comes to my house, and we don’t use a lot of weights and stuff, but I see the results really quickly,” she noted.

By really quick, she said she’s seen (and felt) changes in her body in about three days.

And, of course, we chatted beauty. Right now, Tay is totally into highlighter (#same) and she says she never ever forgets to moisturize. Pshhh, she's not giving wrinkles a chance!