Stylish Workout Equipment for Your Home Gym (and What to Do with It)

Including the influencer-loved wrist and ankle weights that keep selling out.

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Stylish Workout Equipment for Your Home Gym
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With gyms closed for the foreseeable future, it makes sense to invest in a home workout setup you can see yourself using long-term. And if we're thinking about longevity, choosing workout equipment that blends with the aesthetic of your home is one way to ensure you're likely to want to keep it around.

Whether you're looking to splurge on a high-tech cardio machine or are looking for a small-space, low-commitment solution, there are more options than ever in the world of design-friendly fitness gear.

1. Lululemon Double Roller

Thanks to the marbled exterior, this nifty foam roller looks like an art object when propped up next to a houseplant or side table. The outer layer is meant for releasing arm and leg tension pre- and post-workout. The smaller roller that nests inside is ideal for working out back kinks from spending all day in front of a computer.

How to use: Ease sore calves before and after a run by rolling them out, or ease neck tension by lying down, placing the roller under your neck, then moving your head gently from side to side as if you're shaking your head "no."

Shop now: $58;

Stylish Workout Equipment for Your Home Gym (and What to Do with It)

2. Amanda Kloots AK! Jump Rope

Provided you don't have fussy downstairs neighbors, jump roping is one of the best ways to get your heart rate up when you don't have access to a gym. In fact, celeb trainer Amanda Kloots has a whole program based around the activity. This lightweight rope comes with rose gold handles and a cute canvas dust bag that's easy to stash in a drawer, but won't look messy or out of place if you leave it out.

How to use: Incorporate jump rope intervals into your next workout. Try 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for your desired workout length.

To buy: $40;

3. Ergatta Rower

Stationary bikes might be all the rage, but this rower has the advantage of folding up into itself so it hardly takes up any space when not in use. Made from sustainable cherry wood with black accents, it's one of the most sophisticated-looking pieces of cardio equipment on the market. Similar to other trendy at-home options, it features a touch-screen tablet for accessing the brand's workout platform.

Shop now: $1,999;

Stylish Workout Equipment for Your Home Gym (and What to Do with It)

4. Sweat With Bec Booty Bands

Why buy generic workout bands when you have this cute option? This cheeky set comes with three different strengths in coordinating colors for progression as you get stronger over time.

How to use: Wake up sleepy glutes from sitting by placing a band just below your knees. With knees slightly bent, hips back, and core engaged, take 20 steps to the left, then 20 to the right.

Shop now: $20;

Stylish Workout Equipment for Your Home Gym (and What to Do with It)

5. Bala Bangles Classic 1lb

If you follow fitness influencers like Hannah Bronfman or Melissa Wood, there's a good chance you're already familiar with these fashion-forward wrist and ankle weights. They got so popular in the time of social distancing that they completely sold out, but the company hustled to restock. New orders are set to ship May 1st.

How to use: Wear these during any workout — running, yoga, mat Pilates, or dance cardio, to name a few — to kick things up a notch.

Shop now: $49;

6. The Mirror

When it's not in use, this product appears to be a sleek wall-mounted (or wall-leaning, depending on how you set it up) mirror. But when you turn it on, it comes alive with on-demand workout classes from some of the leading trainers in the industry. It offers the option to sync to a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor for real-time feedback on how hard you're working, and it tracks your progress over time.

Shop now: $1,495;

7. Peloton Bootcamp Weights

These square-ended dumbbells give off fancy-paperweight vibes. Use them to do a workout from the brand's app, or any of the other amazing streaming options out there.

How to use: Get your heart rate up fast with dumbbell thrusters. Rest weights on your shoulders and send hips back to squat down. As you come up to standing, press weights above your head. Repeat 10 to 15 times for a total of three sets.

Shop now: $45;

Stylish Workout Equipment for Your Home Gym (and What to Do with It)

8. Theragun G3

This tool helps you warm up faster before a workout using percussive therapy — or lots of little bursts of pressure that release tension in your muscles. It's also great for soothing soreness after a tough sweat session. The sleek white version of the device has great design vibes, so it won't look weird sitting in a charging stand on a bookshelf or even on your bedside table.

How to use: Massage sore quads and hamstrings before bed, or ask your partner or roommate to hit your back after a long day working at your computer.

To buy: $399;

9. theRMKlab Real Marble Kettlebell

Part sculpture, part home gym equipment, this luxe kettlebell is handmade and can be engraved with your initials. Is it a little over the top? Sure. But it's also incredibly cool.

How to use: Try a kettlebell deadlift by standing with feet hip-width distance apart. Reach down to pick up the kettlebell with arms straight, only bending your knees slightly. Squeeze your arms into your body — like you're trying to keep a piece of paper under each armpit — as you come up to standing. Repeat 10 to 12 times for a total of three sets.

Shop now: $800;

10. FightCamp Personal Kit

An all-white color scheme makes this at-home boxing workout setup feel super chic. The equipment tracks how many punches you throw, along with punch speed and how you improve from workout to workout using the brand's on-demand classes.

Shop now: $1,219;

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